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My friend was in a place of horror. Within a moment her life had changed forever. The complacency of living without fully appreciating one’s health can evaporate in an instant. She and her husband were facing the worse case scenario. She felt that at best, the cancer would be advanced Stage 2. In a few days, they would know. Her husband would be having a scan to determine whether the tumor had spread. She said, “If it’s in his lungs or brain, he’s a goner.” Continue reading

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I want to write about my experience of saying goodbye to my childhood domain, yesterday. With that, I definitely faced many more “pangs. I knew that it had finally hit me. For decades, my parents’ home was always there. It was a place where I felt safe and secure. And that was all over. There were only memories to hold onto now. But I did not want to have this memory, of seeing trash everywhere! Continue reading

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But her music was a blanket of comfort for her soul. It was warm and soothing as it surrounded the pain; all squeezing stopped. She would close her eyes and imagine the peacefulness of her future. She escaped into her music and it always lifted her out of the insanity and the pain. It was more than going to magical places now. It was her remedy. Nothing comforted her like her music did. Continue reading

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My life was silent and sad for decades. The beautiful music that fills my life with joy resulted from my clarity. I am so grateful for the gift I was given. That gift is my life. Continue reading

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Although I thought the original arrangement for my song “More Than You Know” was quite beautiful, it dragged. I felt that my song had great potential if it were more up-tempo. I love expanding my musical horizons. I made an appointment with my arranger, George Reich. Initially, I told him he could simply work with the older arrangement and use it as a template for a faster song. We ended up arranging the song without my guitar playing as the underlying basis, and that gave us many more options. As George experimented with different sounds, the arrangement that developed was decidedly different. I am very enthused as I share my newest version of a song I wrote so long ago. Continue reading

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As I sang, I thought of the many messages I read on a grief forum, which I am a part of. I really feel so much pain inside when I read those messages. The pain of grief is never forgotten. I was shopping at Costco later in my day after recording my song with George. I listened to my newest song recording over and over. Tears filled my eyes, and spilled down my cheeks as I shopped. I wiped them off with my shirt as I stepped into the checkout line. Continue reading

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I have not written for a stretch because I have been concentrating on finishing my book. I am my own production company, as I create all of my own spoken audio recordings, vocals, images, written stories, and book design format. I have been submitting query letters to try and obtain a literary agent. At the same time as I tackle such a daunting task, I am also writing new material for my second book and composing new songs. I have set no deadline and I make sure to see both of my parents at least twice a week, with separate visits. My parents are managing and things are fairly calm for the moment. Continue reading

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There are not many things about being younger that I long for. I far prefer my current life. I also believe feeling doubtful and uncertain is poison to the soul. There is nothing more inspiring for me than believing in myself. I wrote this story; because there were few words to describe the euphoria I felt when I saw my college art teacher, Nancy, after at least twenty years. If I could describe my emotion, it would be amazement that my teacher was certain my future was limitless and success was just around the corner for me. Yesterday, I had that exact same feeling as I faced my former teacher in my studio! She sat in a chair across from me while I serenaded her on my guitar. Upon the walls of my studio were many of my paintings. At the age of fifty-one, I could enjoy the knowledge that all of my artistic ventures came true. Continue reading

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I described to Connie how I visualized myself dealing with my current life. I used the metaphor of running a marathon. I had abundant energy and as I encountered horrific roadblocks in my path, I continued running. I was also running through long, dark tunnels. But my focus was on the beautiful sunlight streaming through and awaiting me at the end of those tunnels. As I ran, music played for me. I had an angel on my shoulder. Despite the challenges I continued to face, I loved my journey. It was easy for me to stay positive with all the encouragement I continued to receive surrounding my writing and music, I told Connie. As I left her guesthouse, I beamed and marveled at my blessed existence. Continue reading

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My father’s life revolved around his nurses. When he felt his nurse was attentive, he had a good day. When I came to visit him, he would sometimes say to me, “I had such a great nurse whom I wish you could meet!” He told me most mornings were quite difficult because he had a nurse who was all business. He described himself as a “sack of potatoes.” Omar was a special nurse and my father adored him. He was very caring and kind to my father. For the past few weeks, Omar often got my father ready before I came to take my father to my home for dinner. There was so much humanity for me, meeting this kind man who would change my father’s soiled diaper so he would have that “over with” before coming to my home. He allowed my father so much dignity under such difficult circumstances! Continue reading

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