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There are not many things about being younger that I long for. I far prefer my current life. I also believe feeling doubtful and uncertain is poison to the soul. There is nothing more inspiring for me than believing in myself. I wrote this story; because there were few words to describe the euphoria I felt when I saw my college art teacher, Nancy, after at least twenty years. If I could describe my emotion, it would be amazement that my teacher was certain my future was limitless and success was just around the corner for me. Yesterday, I had that exact same feeling as I faced my former teacher in my studio! She sat in a chair across from me while I serenaded her on my guitar. Upon the walls of my studio were many of my paintings. At the age of fifty-one, I could enjoy the knowledge that all of my artistic ventures came true. Continue reading

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If I ever decide to write another seashell song, I would have plenty of inspiration for new lyrics by looking at my list of keywords on one of my seashell illustrations at Alamy. I really did want to find an alternate word for “alabaster,” but I couldn’t find one I liked as much – even with this list! Continue reading

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I also decided to show my watercolors to publishers of fine art prints and posters. I went to see a publisher in Los Angeles. He seemed very interested in one of my paintings. It was a watercolor painting of a medley of seashells. Continue reading

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With only a fair mastery of watercolors, I enrolled in my first illustration class. I was blown away that the instructor was quite an established illustrator. She was an editorial artist, and almost every Sunday I would see her drawings in the Los Angeles Times editorial section. Her name was Nancy Ohanian. Continue reading

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If all colors are brilliant, nothing stands out. The brilliance is only possible through having the depth and richness of colors that have been mixed into subtle, dull variations. The same thing applies to contrast. The brilliance is only possible through having the depth and richness of darks and lights!

In life, we cannot have everything purely colorful or purely bright either. It is the contrast and the dullness that allows for appreciation of sparkling beauty; it allows for it to be emphasized!
Continue reading

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I often feel like a metaphor for my life is one of being a roller coaster. There are wild ups and downs, and plenty of twists and turns. With those peaks and valleys, I just continue to have faith that at some point the ride will end, and I can catch my breath for a little while before it begins again. Continue reading

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When I was in Junior High School I discovered mazes. I would draw the mazes while I was in class, and whenever I was bored. My mazes were used in the yearbooks at my school. I discovered random patterns to fill up the space. I began by filling up abstract designs with elaborate mazes. Observers said my mazes looked like brains or intestines! Continue reading

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I am galloping up on a while horse. I dismount and bow. I am the greatest heroine that ever lived.
I am the mother; I am the daughter. And today, I was the artist, too! Continue reading

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With the advent of the computer, destroying so many careers like mine, I actually am benefiting by reaching even a faster level of creating art. I can actually recycle elements from my huge library of images, and create new paintings that are “originals.” (Don’t tell the client that, please!) Continue reading

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I woke up this morning and realized that humor is “working for me.” With my new mind set being “trying to find what is helpful” in my life, I find it interesting that I am learning about my writing abilities. I am thinking about how I am going to put into words horrible images of pain from my past, while at the same time I am laughing inside at all the insanity around me in my current life. The fact that I can’t wait to write about it, is telling me something. Continue reading

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