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I could write pages and pages of my memories from beach outings with my mother. Throughout the day, I felt so much nostalgia remembering those times in my life. My mother was relaxed and sang blessings in Hebrew as we walked near the marina. Despite her advanced dementia, she appreciated the outing more than I anticipated. As I drove home, she slid down in her seat, and the seatbelt was barely holding her in. We arrived back at her nursing home. Just before taking her out of my car, I reached over to kiss her. I could see she was very tired; she had hardly rested as I drove home. I believe she didn’t want to miss a moment of time sitting next to me. As I kissed her, she said softly, “Thank you.” I wanted to be sure I heard her. So I said, “Mom, what are you thanking me for?” She answered clearly, “I had a wonderful time. Thank you.” Those were the clearest words she had spoken all day, and were exactly what I needed to hear. The beams of light that shone from my body could have illuminated a city at that moment. Continue reading

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I know there are many parallels between my children and my parents at this time in my life. I’m still definitely part of the “sandwich generation.” But lately, I’ve realized there are some differences. One of those differences came to the forefront last week, and filled me with sadness. I was sad because my children are spreading wings to fly, whereas my elderly father is fluttering slowly down to the ground. Continue reading

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I had a flash. It was time for me to join the fourth support group in my life! I decided to call it ”Role Reversal with our Parents.” Actually, “Healing the Daughter’s Heart” was what ended up coming to mind. Only last night when my father was eating dinner at our house, did I realize how far things have switched. I actually admonished my dad to stop “spitting” corn. He always argued with me about this one. I was upset because his table habits have made all my children run from the table. Continue reading

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