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For many years, humor was absent from my life. As I’ve healed from grief, I’ve learned how humor is a wonderful, coping mechanism. With my transformation last year, I‘ve found that even when I’m sad I still see so many things to laugh about every day. When I first began my blog, I often wrote about my daily life in a humorous way. It’s gotten harder for me to do that since my children don’t want me to write anything about them anymore. That has left me with only my pets to write about!
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I decided that having a cold was definitely a reminder to me that I am not super human. Lately, I’ve felt a little too powerful – I needed some appreciation. It was challenging waking up with nostrils so clogged that I felt like there was a vise on my sinuses. It wasn’t so exciting to face my day with that feeling. I’m grinning because it was. I love my life and everything I’m doing. I wasn’t about to let a cold get me down!
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I have now performed in two venues. Both were “open mic” format, meaning I had the opportunity to get up and play one song. Before I performed at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood, I wished I owned a glamorous outfit for my performance. However, once I was at Kulak’s it looked like it wasn’t important. I could easily fit in if I did any one of these things: Performed barefoot. Grew my hair three more feet, at the very least. Brought a dog along. Continue reading

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It certainly wasn’t funny last night. But life with a teenager is both tragic and funny at times. Funny is my way of staying sane. Later on my daughter and I “made up.” While I hugged her I told her, “We’ll look back at our fights and laugh. I love your card, and will treasure it always.”
So, my sense of humor has come back. There is never a shortage of funny things in my life; I haven’t felt like writing anything funny, because I’ve had a lot of “up and out” with on-going issues that I’ve been writing about. Continue reading

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Currently, I am adrift in the sea of life without filters. They are gone! This has definitely been getting me into trouble. I do care about it, but can’t help it. It’s as if the top of my teakettle brain has blown off. All the steam escaping has no use for a filter anymore. I kept everything in for so long and I’m just done with that! Continue reading

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I had a flash. It was time for me to join the fourth support group in my life! I decided to call it ”Role Reversal with our Parents.” Actually, “Healing the Daughter’s Heart” was what ended up coming to mind. Only last night when my father was eating dinner at our house, did I realize how far things have switched. I actually admonished my dad to stop “spitting” corn. He always argued with me about this one. I was upset because his table habits have made all my children run from the table. Continue reading

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I found out the real story about how Michael and our son found Killer. It’s too good to be true; I couldn’t have written a better story. This was definitely a “Touched by an Angel” episode. If it were still being filmed, I could send them a script. Continue reading

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I could write a whole essay on our family and pet disasters. In the past, on separate occasions we had two dogs that I had to give away because I was definitely going to have that nervous breakdown. I found both of them homes, before someone put me in a home. Continue reading

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