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I decided that having a cold was definitely a reminder to me that I am not super human. Lately, I’ve felt a little too powerful – I needed some appreciation. It was challenging waking up with nostrils so clogged that I felt like there was a vise on my sinuses. It wasn’t so exciting to face my day with that feeling. I’m grinning because it was. I love my life and everything I’m doing. I wasn’t about to let a cold get me down!
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I have now performed in two venues. Both were “open mic” format, meaning I had the opportunity to get up and play one song. Before I performed at Kulak’s Woodshed in North Hollywood, I wished I owned a glamorous outfit for my performance. However, once I was at Kulak’s it looked like it wasn’t important. I could easily fit in if I did any one of these things: Performed barefoot. Grew my hair three more feet, at the very least. Brought a dog along. Continue reading

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I wrote this title based on Lists – which allow me to organize my caregiving life, Listing – meaning I’m off balance, and Listless – the way I feel today after hearing so much complaining about my blogging from my family. Continue reading

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I could write a whole essay on our family and pet disasters. In the past, on separate occasions we had two dogs that I had to give away because I was definitely going to have that nervous breakdown. I found both of them homes, before someone put me in a home. Continue reading

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