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Finding humor once again”

Currently, it has been a great effort for me to find any humor in my circumstances. I have so much to do, but here I am writing again. Perhaps if I release some of my worries by writing lists, it will be easier for me to be funny.

I wrote this title based on Lists – which allow me to organize my caregiving life, Listing – meaning I’m off balance, and Listless – the way I feel today after hearing so many complaints that I’m not fixing food for my family.

Bad List:

I need to find the filter again to stop saying those bad words. I said the “F” word last night when my husband and older teenagers were picking on me!

Medication List for our family:

Too numerous to mention.

Vitamin list for this mom:

At least ten supplements. Thank goodness for Costco. Plus, I illustrated all their vitamins, so it’s a tax deduction! I swallow them all at once; it’s quite a mouthful! I’m proud of that talent I have.

Is anyone feeling sorry for our cat? She was named Angel for a reason!

Mom’s reminder list of what not to do with our puppy named Killer:

1. Do not take him out in the front yard without a leash.

2. If you forget #1, be sure you are wearing a bra. When chasing a dog, there is a lot of bouncing going on.

3. Do not give Killer turkey. If you forget #3, you will have a lot of cleaning to do. Also, if you forget #3, be prepared to have “begging claws” inserted into your thighs and crotch!

4. Do not pick up his poop with your bare hand thinking it’s a chew toy.

5. Do not throw Killer off with the bedspread upon waking up.

6. Be prepared for a wet bedspread.

7. When closing doors, make sure not to sideways “guillotine” Killer.

8. Expect to need hearing aids in a few years if you have the parrot near this dog.

9. Do not allow Killer to lick my youngest son’s nostrils.

List of written accomplishments today:

1. Three commendation letters regarding excellent care and attention given to my mother at her nursing facility

2. I wrote another pleading and begging letter to the same facility – PLEASE, REUNITE MY PARENTS!

3. I posted forty pages of writing in only two days.

Anticipated Stress List:

1. Three illustrations to complete, which I’ve procrastinated on

2. Upcoming orthodontia and glasses for one of my children. Oh my god, I have oodles of appointments ahead of me!

Good List:

1. My wonderful oldest son took his grandfather and his car to pass a smog test. It passed!

2. I’m not as fat as I used to be.

3. I’m starting voice lessons this week, either tomorrow or Friday.

4. My daughter helped our housekeeper, Rosa, by vacuuming a small area of carpet. In return, Rosa helped put black hair dye on for her.

5. I can laugh at most everything once again.

6. Compared to how I felt last night, I am amazed that I could even write a good list! 

I never dreamed I’d be writing the way I am now. I have to pinch myself!

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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