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I was successful in my first career as an illustrator, though I was not wealthy. I have touched many people with my writing and songs, and certainly I have not made any money. I didn’t need a song contest to prove the worthiness of my musical compositions. There was only one thing in my life that truly counted. And there was no rating that I needed from anyone else for that. That would be “performing as a good person,” as a human who had made a difference on this earth. I decided to give myself a ten. Continue reading

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In honor of my dad’s birthday tomorrow, I want to write something about him. Very few of my relatives are aware of what I am sharing today about my father . . .
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I had a flash. It was time for me to join the fourth support group in my life! I decided to call it ”Role Reversal with our Parents.” Actually, “Healing the Daughter’s Heart” was what ended up coming to mind. Only last night when my father was eating dinner at our house, did I realize how far things have switched. I actually admonished my dad to stop “spitting” corn. He always argued with me about this one. I was upset because his table habits have made all my children run from the table. Continue reading

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