Before my arranger, Robert Maule closed his studio in Burbank we took a picture together.

Links to lyrics and other stories about this song: MY SHINING STAR

This month holds many anniversaries of the heart for me. I am grateful for my healing and peacefulness. I remember my angels with love.

I am excited to share an excerpt of my latest meditation song: “My Shining Star.” My arranger, Robert did a wonderful piano performance on our last meditation song “Beside Me Always.” For this new one, we combined my guitar playing with piano. This excerpt leads to the climax of my song – I love it so much!

Robert and I created three beautiful meditation songs for Insight Timer this year. We began with “Angel in the Sky” followed by “Beside Me Always.” Two weeks ago, I released our third one “My Shining Star.”

“My Shining Star Meditation Song” can be heard as a single on Insight Timer (free app). A longer version named Heavenly Healing Meditation Songs will be released on IT next month. All of my music can be purchased on Bandcamp. Most of my songs are also available on iTunes.

At this time, I am creating a course for Insight Timer. Over the last six months, I wrote all of my material and I’ve finished recording the ten lessons. I am still mixing and editing, but it’s close to being released.

This has been a very personal endeavor. Unlike other courses on Insight Timer, I am not exactly “teaching” about grief. Grief is very personal and I want my lessons to offer comfort and convey hope. I will encourage anyone taking my course to find support by connecting and sharing their stories with other people.

I am eager to share with the world my insights about grief. Every one of my lessons is named for a song of mine that led to my healing. My favorite one is “My Shining Star. Below is the introduction to my course named “Grief Healing Through Music.”

I was truly reborn in 2010. Everything changed when I opened my heart to share honest feelings. I rediscovered the music from my youth and joy returned into my life.

I was baby when my journey began – it was definitely a rebirth! And like a child, I was bubbling over with enthusiasm and bursting to share my feelings with the world. It was very inappropriate for me to share email messages with everyone I knew. But I accept that it was part of my journey and my healing.

I have since grown up! All my filters have gradually returned. I am especially careful to write only about myself and not reveal much about my children whenever possible. I love writing on my blog, but I hardly post anymore because I haven’t felt like opening up as much.

Occasionally I’ve wondered – has the musical magic left me? It’s been awhile since I’ve written a new song. But with 52 song compositions, I have chosen to concentrate my energy on recording all of them.

I was very disappointed last month when I found out my current arranger, Robert, was closing his Los Angeles studio and moving to New York. I will miss working with him.

I’ve recorded a dozen acoustic songs with Robert, and his piano additions have been lovely. I use the instrumental versions to create meditation medleys for Insight Timer. A 45-minute version is coming out soon and I’ve named it “You Are My Wings Piano and Guitar Medley.”

I am proud of Robert for following his dream and moving away with courage to a big city like New York. His sensitivity toward grief was evident in the beautiful musical passages we worked on together. Losing his father when he was in his early 20’s impacted him greatly.

Releasing vocals takes courage for me. It’s usually hard for me to declare something to be finished, but I’ve done it. I’ve gathered all of my acoustic vocal recordings from this year and they are available on Bandcamp. There are also two new albums on iTunes. They are named: “You Are My Wings” and “Clear.”

It’s been a slow year for me as an illustrator. In order to follow my dream, I do need a source of income because my savings have dwindled. I’ve had to cut back on many things, including music. I struggle not to worry about it.

As I say goodbye to Robert, perhaps his timing was a good thing. I’ve decided to record at home and that will save me money. I have set up a recording studio in my tiny apartment. It will be interesting figuring out the best times to record amidst traffic noise and my 21-year-old son’s erratic schedule.

I fondly remember the many people who were part of my journey since 2010. Certain ones are forever in my heart. I can hear their voice in my mind and picture them beside me. Their influence moved me in beautiful directions; they are with me. I am grateful for what I’ve learned from all of them.

I plan to continue my musical journey even if I make a “career change.” Another idea of mine is to advertise my art skills again; it’s been many years since I’ve done that.

Even if I need to find another source of income besides illustration (I’ve also considered being a Lyft or Uber driver), I won’t let the musical magic in my life die. Pursuing my dream was never about making money. It was and still is about helping people heal as I share my heart.

As I finish my passionate project, the Insight Timer Course, I am confident that these grief/healing-related recordings are something I was meant to do. Everything I’ve learned in the past eight years has come together for me to create it.

Life is exciting and I am glad I could share on my blog what is going on with me. There’s much more going on related to my three adult children, but I’m not going to write about that!

These lovely comments on Insight Timer are definitely fuel for my journey!

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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  1. Whatever you do keep up with the music it is such a beautiful expression of who you are!

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