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Angel in the Sky Arrangement 1-25-18

Angel in the Sky Acoustic Home Recording 5/13/16


Below is a story written later on related to this song:



Jason slide 1


Copyright by Judy Unger 2013


My love for you grows over time

with every song and every rhyme

I dream about your sweet embrace

your sparkling eyes; your beautiful face


You are my angel in the sky, like a butterfly

you flew away and couldn’t stay

we had to say goodbye

love can never die

so you must know I miss you so

my angel in the sky


Your precious smile glows in my mind

you uplift; and are my gift

When I die; you’ll take my hand

my lovely light, just not in sight


You are my angel in the sky, like a butterfly

you flew away and couldn’t stay

we had to say goodbye

love can never die

so you must know I miss you so

my angel in the sky


angel in the sky


My love for youI dream about

My energy lately has been directed toward reaching out to comfort grieving mothers. I joined a Facebook group and have been writing messages of hope. I am certain that reading about all of the children who were “Angels,” inspired me to write my song.


Last night, I noticed that one mother was sharing songs and inspirational videos. I wrote a message to her that I had songs I could also share; I figured she was someone who could appreciate what I had to offer.


How beautiful that by offering her comfort, I was blessed with a response that lifted me up. Her words were like a soothing balm that eased my doubt and gave me back my dream.


My dialog with Carol started when I shared my song “Beside Me Always.” She announced to the group that she had listened to my song and her words are in brown.


A woman named Judy just gave me a link to her beautiful songs. I just listened to one and it was beautiful.                   


Thank you, Carol! I find that music is something that has comforted me. My son died 20 years ago and I started to sing again in 2010. I compose music and it has helped me to heal from my grief. Your words mean a lot. I just wrote a new song this weekend and I am thinking you would like it. I named it Angel in the Sky. If you have an email, I’ll send it to you.


Thank you! I just listened to one of your songs on your blog. But there was no way I could share it. How come? It is beautiful. Do you have a link to YouTube?


I do have one live performance on YouTube, but I haven’t gotten around to putting anything else there.


I already found it and left a comment for you. I truly love your music. Oh my God, you are gifted. Your songs are so comforting. Can you send me the song you were talking about? Angel in the Sky?


It’s unfinished, but I already sent it to your email. I am not selling my music yet. I’ve concentrated on creating an audio book to tell my amazing story. I healed from grief when I allowed myself to sing again after 18 years. All of my music is from my heart  and Jason (my angel) inspired many of my songs. Thank you for appreciating my music. If you have an address – I’ll mail you a CD! (Free, of course)


It’s funny, but just last week both my sons insisted that I would become successful if I put videos on YouTube. I’m a bit shy about how I look performing, but I do love sharing my music.


My total focus is to help others heal as I have!


GIRL, PARDON THE CAPS, BUT YOUR SONS ARE RIGHT! I am going to check out my email. Love you, girl. Be back after I listen. Hope you’re still on here.


I am smiling because it is wonderful to offer hope and inspiration. I understand the hell of grief. It is an amputation of the soul and there are few words to describe it.


Sometimes, I wonder whether I can make ends meet by doing my music and writing. But I feel certain that I have been blessed with a gift to help others and I plan to continue doing it as long as I can. Feel free to share my music and words.


My music and book will be available in a few months. And then, I’ll plan on doing more promotion and YouTube stuff. Thank you again, Carol!


Jason w. my mouth open

Oh my god! I have tears running down my face. I just wish I could share it. My little sister needs to hear Angel in the Sky. She lost her son last year to Leukemia.


Also Judy, your vocals are fine!


Please post this song to my Facebook. I would buy your CD in a minute. Without the blink of an eye. My nose is all stopped up. But in a good way. Your voice is totally unique. You know how Adele’s voice is unique? Yours is the same way.               


Now I am crying. I am so insecure about my singing voice. Thank you!


Judy, I have lost 9 people in the last six years: My son, my dad (four months after my son died), two friends, my mom, my aunt, grand mom and my nephew. God and music have saved my life.


Carol, you have had a lot to deal with. I am sorry. All of those losses are hard and that is a lot in 6 years. Your father dying 4 months after your son is heartbreaking!


I wasn’t religious, but when music came to me my life was filled with joy. I’ve decided that god blessed me and I am very spiritual now. I don’t care if I die tomorrow. I believe my writing and songs will live on.


Let me listen to all of it….it soothes my soul.


I usually write a new song every other month. My passion is having my songs arranged, but I am certain that what I spend on my music will come back to me. It makes me happy and after living with sadness for so many years, I feel I deserve it!


My 16-year-old son tells me to be realistic; that I won’t be able to support myself with music and writing. I just keep telling him that I will succeed. For me, success is about just touching one person; that is enough for me. You made my night, Carol.


Judy, if I wanted to sponsor you, or help you, how would I do it? 
I am just a middle class person, living paycheck to paycheck, but I believe in you. 
I believe in your music and your heart. How could I help?
 I would love to send at least $20 a month to just help. I want to see your music on the store shelves.


Oh, Carol, thank you for your kindness. Your words are all I need to help me continue.


I have faith and what you’ve said is worth more than money. I’m inspired to keep going knowing I’ve touched you.


Guitar with Jason on his bed
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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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5 Responses to YOU’RE MY ANGEL – PART 1

  1. jmgoyder says:

    Your words, photos, your pain and empathy for a kindred soul, are sublime and moving and tonight I weep for you.


  2. w563 says:

    Judy… every time I re-read this story about the loss of your son… I just want to reach through the computer and hug you as hard as I can… D.


    • Judy says:

      Now you’re getting me all teary. I think it’s easy to access the memory of pain, but I view it differently now. It hurt when it was fresh. I am so human and I believe a lot of grief has resurfaced because I am going through a divorce. After 31 years, I am mourning the person I was – once again. But with my music and writing, I’ve achieved so much satisfaction and peace now. Your caring means so much. I’m glad that I’m able to express what it was like. It allows me to help other people suffering because I was there. I reach out my hand to help them along to a better place – even if it’s unimaginable during deep grief.


  3. Joni Lautman says:

    Amazing exchange! Your music heals me every time I listen. Usually I’m singing along or crying along. You are inspirational. Love, Joan


    • Judy says:

      Thank you, Joni! That is so, so beautiful of you! I miss you – come on over and I’ll serenade you any time. You’re practically my neighbor now. Just think, because of you I picked up my guitar after all those years. You are my inspiration.

      Love, Jude


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