Original Song by Judy Unger, Copyright 2010


Into your heart, I hoped I could reach

From the day I saw you, walking down that beach

Into your arms, I wanted to be

comforted, caressed, held securely


I wanted you, and I often dreamed of what could be

cause in your eyes I thought that I could see

crystal oceans sparkling on the sand

I’m longing for the warmth of your hand


Into your heart, I prayed for a chance

you’d get to know me; imagining romance

Into your mind, where memories reside

we’d write our story, dancing in the tide


I wanted you, and I often dreamed of what could be

cause in your eyes I thought that I could see

crystal oceans sparkling on the sand

I’m longing for the warmth of your hand


Into your heart, I searched for a way

Your smile melted me from that first day


I wanted you, and I often dreamed of what could be

cause in your eyes I thought that I could see

crystal oceans sparkling on the sand

I’m longing for the warmth of your hand


I wanted you, and I didn’t think you’d notice me

But then you smiled my way and you

took my hand, so it became the start

The moment you let me in your heart

I enjoy creating images for my blog and am sharing some ideas for my song “Crystal Oceans.”

I exited my stressful world and entered my magical world this past week. I didn’t even hesitate, even though it was impractical for me to indulge myself by spending money on arranging while in my current situation.


But music blesses my life and gives me a sense of wonderment. When I listen to my song, I am transported. It is probably very funny to see a middle-aged woman wearing an iPod, swinging her fists like a conductor and dancing as she walks. That’s me. My big smile often causes people to stop and I hear them say, “What are you listening to?”


Within only a few moments, I am reaching out to share my touching story of how my music keeps me dancing and coping.


It certainly is interesting how I’ve recently begun to work on music that is more melodic and uplifting. The melancholy music from the last six months has given way to waltzes and dances.


This recent recording of an instrumental for my song “Crystal Oceans” is one of my all-time favorites. It will be included in my second book and I look forward to singing a new vocal for it soon.


Clicking the blue links below plays my song:

Crystal Oceans Acoustic 4-22-18 Copyright 2018 by Unger

Crystal Oceans Guitar & Piano 4-22-18 Copyright 2018 by Unger


Message from a good friend:



That is absolutely beautiful. I closed my eyes and was transported to another place. I could see myself walking along the cliffs while the water splashed below me. I was in a long flowing dress with the wind blowing my hair and dress out. I felt as though I was so happy and walking to meet my love . . . like in another time period . . . in another country . . . (That may sound silly, but it’s where it took me.) You are so blessed to have such talent!


Amazing what music can do! I must get a copy!!! I could see this song easily being used in a movie! Do you have words, vocals to it?


My reply:


Thank you so much! I love your message and feel those same emotions, too. It definitely transports me and elevates my life listening to this gorgeous arrangement. I could definitely picture a movie soundtrack for many of my songs. Who know?


Love you so much, Judy


This blue link is to my original story two years ago for this song:




Below are blue links that are clips from my very last lesson with Peaches Chrenko, regarding my song “Crystal Oceans”

PEACHES LESSON #1 – 10/27/12 blog excerpt Crystal Oceans


PEACHES LESSON #2 – 10/27/12 blog excerpt Crystal Oceans

This morning I posed on the same staircase where my brothers held me over fifty years ago. Not much in the building has changed. I notice the rod-iron was more ornate in the earlier picture.

In this picture I am saying, “Please, get me out of this dress!”

“The greatest trip of my entire life”

When I was younger, I dreamed a lot about life’s possibilities. Yet for decades I stopped dreaming, because life held many challenges for me and dreaming was a luxury I had little time for.


In February of 2010, I started my journey and quickly became delirious with joy when I discovered how writing unburdened my soul. From the moment I began writing my blog, I felt myself almost physically shooting out of my body; I originally described it as a transformation, but now I prefer to call it healing.


I believe that my ability to express myself honestly is something that makes me unique. I know it is rare.


After I began writing two and a half years ago, I became much more in touch with my feelings. Because I loved sharing my innermost thoughts, initially I felt joyful. But then I had to face the sadness that I truly did not have companionship other than my guitar and my computer.


After my father died this summer, I finally found the courage to end my marriage. It was agonizing for me to bravely make that change, because I knew my decision would affect my entire family.


I do not believe in regrets. None of my life was wasted because I found my courage. Some people never find their courage. Mine, came in tiny increments and infused my soul with the powerful knowledge that I had conquered fear.


So much happened to me in only two and a half years. As my journey continues, I scan the horizon with enthusiasm. I hear whispers from my inner voice telling me that this journey of mine is the greatest trip of my entire life. I look forward to many things. But if I live the rest of my life alone and in a simple fashion, I am peaceful.


Images flash before my eyes; I see myself singing and telling my stories to large audiences. I am beaming, and passionately sharing my soul with complete honesty. 

Every day is a gold coin and I plan to spend each one wisely.

In this picture, I’m playing guitar while on vacation. I’m 19 years old and probably writing a song while my mother looks on in the background.



Three summers ago . . .


was the summer when I expanded a song I composed as a teenager named “Crystal Oceans.” For many years, family vacations were something I dreaded. In the space of a car and hotel room, I was usually overwhelmed by all the anger and fighting that went on. My children and husband were dependent on me for all the planning. I packed everything for my children and brought many food items to save money instead of eating out. For decades, I often brought my parents along on our vacations so they could give me respite. But now, I was depressed because I didn’t have my parents’ support anymore; I was supporting them.


I didn’t want to think about the fact that I needed a real vacation!


My complete purpose as a mother and wife was to make my children and my husband happy. It was an impossible task and left me depleted and frustrated. Rather than allow those feelings, I stuffed them down and pretended I was strong and capable. If things weren’t going well, I simply tried harder.


Three summers ago in 2010, my journey began a few months before summer and I had rediscovered the joy of playing my guitar again. I missed my parents, but felt like my healing had given me a lot more strength than before. So that summer, I planned a simple weekend vacation at an inexpensive motel that was several miles from the beach.


While my teenagers watched television and slept late in the morning, I fingerpicked my guitar in the bathroom. I was concentrating on expanding my song “Crystal Oceans.” It turned out that my music gave me calmness and I had many wonderful moments with my children on that vacation after all.


What was interesting was that I was completely disconnected from the romantic lyrics I wrote when I was younger. Developing my song was purely a mechanical exercise, of finding the best rhymes and melody for the new verses I wanted to add.


My heart was stone cold because I had given up on ever being held or caressed again in my life.


Two summers ago . . .


I didn’t want to plan a vacation because my parents were very sick. I did not have the reserves to deal with further stress or the expense, plus my feelings toward my husband bordered on hatred. I relented because my children counted on me to plan something; I felt guilty because I wasn’t spending as much time with them. The easiest vacation I could think of was to go to the same area as the year before.


It turned out that this vacation would be the last one we would ever take as a family.


Just like the year before, we had two adjacent hotel rooms. This time, I slept in one room with my daughter instead of my husband. It was a relief for me.


I also wrote a song while on vacation with my family. My song had lyrics so gut wrenching, that I suffered with guilt when I imagined sharing them. I was containing a horrible secret from my family and it made me ill inside.


Because even though my lyrics were truthful, I could not move forward to change my life.


I wasn’t ready. I was too afraid of the unknown.


This past summer . . .

was when my father died. I did nothing at all related to summer, but it would be a summer I’d never forget.


I was finally ready.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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