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I realize that I had no idea what it meant to find “the one.” I married when I was twenty and until this year I never lived on my own. I am certain I was far too young to have gotten married. I stayed married when the odds were against it. I stuck with my decision for 31 years and celebrate the beautiful children that my husband and I created together. Continue reading

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This is Part 5 of my email excerpts. My mother was on a ventilator for almost two months starting in December of last year. I was her advocate and her support. The process was exhausting, and became the catalyst for an amazing transformation that occurred in me after my mom recovered. Toward the end of this section, my mom was doing well with the weaning process. She was being readied for transfer to a respiratory program at another hospital called Barlow. It was highly recommended. Unfortunately, her experience at Barlow turned out to be a nightmare. I watched her waste away as she lost 25 pounds in a very short time. Continue reading

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