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This is Part 5 of my email excerpts. My mother was on a ventilator for almost two months starting in December of last year. I was her advocate and her support. The process was exhausting, and became the catalyst for an amazing transformation that occurred in me after my mom recovered. Toward the end of this section, my mom was doing well with the weaning process. She was being readied for transfer to a respiratory program at another hospital called Barlow. It was highly recommended. Unfortunately, her experience at Barlow turned out to be a nightmare. I watched her waste away as she lost 25 pounds in a very short time. Continue reading

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She has incrementally faded from my world, and that has left me bereft and lonely. Through my darkest hours, I always knew how much I could count on her wisdom to comfort me. I’ve said this many times, “No one in this world will ever love me as much as my mom.” Continue reading

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My heart was pounding. Was she really okay? My mom is like a cat with nine lives. She has fallen so many times and has been lucky every time. This time she was not so lucky, but it could have been worse. I was told that breaking a shoulder is much better than a hip. Continue reading

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