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My music is a form of expression that is not about creating a “hit” or contemporary song. I believe that all of my songs are a musical about my life. I do want them to be relatable, but my purpose is to express emotion with lyrics and music that connect to my soul. I have been slowly allowing another song to emerge from the “musical seeds” composed during my youth. I decided something could develop from a haunting, chord progression I composed when I was eighteen. The melody was far too high, and when I transposed the chords – I could see the song would work. Continue reading

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I really could describe my grief as an amputation of my soul. It was not visible, but it left scars that are there FOREVER. For me, healing is actually an appropriate word to apply to grief. Healing implies a wound, and with wounds there are scars.

There will sometimes be thoughtless remarks made by those who “don’t understand” what grief feels like. There will often be kind, compassionate gestures made by those who want to understand and to help. But in the end, grief is probably the loneliest journey a human faces when they lose someone they love. Continue reading

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GRIEF 101 – PART 2

Just as people are all unique, so is grief. No person experiences grief the same way. Therefore, although I have experienced my own grief and shared in other people’s grief – I do not assume that I have the answers for you. However, I would like to write about some of what I learned, in the hopes that any part of my words might offer comfort.
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I wasn’t writing to memorialize my son, but rather to express the anguish of grief and how that changed my life. I further explained, “The therapy of writing it all down, is now it’s out of me. I don’t have to agonize over all those details anymore. I have carried these stories with me for so long, deep in my subconscious! Now I know that I have them on paper. If I ever feel the need to remember, my writing is there for me to read – I can truly let it go now. All the energy it took to stuff my feelings has been released. I had no idea how much energy that took!”
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My hypnotherapist, Connie, had suggested that I start a blog. This was because I was emailing all of my friends like crazy. I was writing to friends from childhood and all parts of my life. It was therapy for me, and I received such an amazing array of heartfelt support while my mom was on a respirator for two months starting last November. I didn’t think that 50-year-old women blogged! Continue reading

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