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Just like the importance of vibe with singing, I knew that I needed to feel my words. I certainly did when I recorded Jason’s story. However, with 32 stories and a lot of words to read, I honestly did not put in the effort required on every story to “feel” all those words. I decided I could inject more emotion into my earlier recordings. The “catch” in my voice and tearful moments made a huge difference for the listener. Continue reading

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My father’s life revolved around his nurses. When he felt his nurse was attentive, he had a good day. When I came to visit him, he would sometimes say to me, “I had such a great nurse whom I wish you could meet!” He told me most mornings were quite difficult because he had a nurse who was all business. He described himself as a “sack of potatoes.” Omar was a special nurse and my father adored him. He was very caring and kind to my father. For the past few weeks, Omar often got my father ready before I came to take my father to my home for dinner. There was so much humanity for me, meeting this kind man who would change my father’s soiled diaper so he would have that “over with” before coming to my home. He allowed my father so much dignity under such difficult circumstances! Continue reading

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When people hear that I sleep so few hours, they often tell me that it is not possible to function that way. I smile with the knowledge that those people are welcome to their beliefs and can continue give themselves that message if they so choose. I prefer to tell myself a different message. My message is that I have more energy than I ever did before when I slept more and was sad. Continue reading

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Sometime there were “certain moments” when she could hear her friend’s voice. Her friend’s voice was so recognizable and it was always comforting. Sometimes, her friend would even cackle as she did when they were young. The smile in her voice was like music, too. It was when her friend’s voice filled her mind, that it traveled straight to her heart and spread comfort throughout her body.
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My first, preliminary recording of my audio book has been completed! I have missed writing for my blog, but there are only so many hours for me in a day. Because I’ve missed doing artwork, I played around with Photoshop filters above! In addition to recording and editing my stories Continue reading

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My good friend had suffered unbelievable losses in her life and she said such beautiful things to me. I was overflowing and could hardly take in much more. My vision of success that was with me from the very beginning of my journey had become sharp and clear at that moment. I just knew that I would heal many, many people. It wasn’t far off anymore either and I couldn’t wait.
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Calmness about the outcome was helpful; as it was when I took the chance that the rabbit might bite me. My teenagers often “bite me!” Sometimes fear gets in the way of doing things. I did not let fear “interfere” with following my heart to help that animal. It made me decide that the best outcomes in life happen with courage and determination to see a positive result. For so long I had blamed myself for not being able to save my child. I understand I cannot control outcomes, but I can control my attitude. With my writing and music I am following my heart and not allowing fear to deter me. It has taken tremendous courage for me to share my journey and all that has gone along with it. Continue reading

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For decades, I lived my life a certain way. I grieved and continued to face many challenges. Stress and worry always felt familiar, and I was simply numb from so much “scar tissue.” I had no hope at all that anything would ever change, even though I was always grateful for so much in my life. My journey began when I decided to take a different path. When my “new path” appeared, I was ready to follow it. I was so tired of the path that I was on for so many years. My new path represented hope!
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I wrote these recent lyric lines, “She thought she’d always mourn, trauma from her past. But when she was reborn, healing came at last.” I’m no longer mourning, I’ve healed, and I definitely feel like I’ve been “reborn.” However, I had hoped with healing, there would not be trauma from the past resurfacing anymore. I am only beginning to realize how deep the subconscious is because yesterday, I was overcome by a traumatic memory.
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I’m aware that I have a complicated life. However, because I’ve given myself permission to indulge my passions – well, I feel like I’m the luckiest person on earth. It’s not that I don’t have financial worries, responsibilities, or pressure. It’s just that I am so happy. The pain of grief is indescribable. It is suffocating, torturous, and excruciating. Even those words do not truly capture the feeling of wanting to escape from the world of the living. I have lived with that level of pain. Continue reading

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