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In honor of Father’s Day, I am sharing a brand new song, which I wrote last week. It is called, “With Me.”

With me, when I was born, with me as I mourn
With me in every song, with me to keep me strong
With me every day, with me in every way
With me and always near, you take away my fear
With me when I ache, with me as I awake
With me when I weep, your’re with me while I’m asleep
With me when I cry, with me when I die
Watching my life unfold, you’re with me, as I grow old . . . Continue reading

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I received a call from the mortuary that there was another plot for a man with my father’s name who was also married to a wife with my mother’s name. Fortunately, we were able to solve the mystery as to which one was correct. It was sad for me when I realized that I couldn’t call my father to even complain to him about these things. I missed him already.
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