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All this week, a melancholy feeling enveloped me as the melody to my song; “You Were There” kept looping in my head. Although I was in the process of recording another song, the music invaded my soul. However, my sadness wasn’t just about my mother’s situation. An “anniversary of the heart” was approaching. The date of Cheryl’s death was February 1st, and it would be two years since she died of breast cancer. The title for this post comes from my song “Just a Tune,” which I wrote for Cheryl. Continue reading

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It was 35 years ago. I can hear my teacher’s voice, and she is telling me that our assignment is to write a “stream of consciousness.” I remember I was quite silly. Sometimes, I would write nonsense to just fill up that white sheet of notebook paper. I enjoyed writing about all the boyfriends I was so fickle about. Often, I wrote to a version of my future self. I called her “Judy of the Future.”
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