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There are not many things about being younger that I long for. I far prefer my current life. I also believe feeling doubtful and uncertain is poison to the soul. There is nothing more inspiring for me than believing in myself. I wrote this story; because there were few words to describe the euphoria I felt when I saw my college art teacher, Nancy, after at least twenty years. If I could describe my emotion, it would be amazement that my teacher was certain my future was limitless and success was just around the corner for me. Yesterday, I had that exact same feeling as I faced my former teacher in my studio! She sat in a chair across from me while I serenaded her on my guitar. Upon the walls of my studio were many of my paintings. At the age of fifty-one, I could enjoy the knowledge that all of my artistic ventures came true. Continue reading

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It was 35 years ago. I can hear my teacher’s voice, and she is telling me that our assignment is to write a “stream of consciousness.” I remember I was quite silly. Sometimes, I would write nonsense to just fill up that white sheet of notebook paper. I enjoyed writing about all the boyfriends I was so fickle about. Often, I wrote to a version of my future self. I called her “Judy of the Future.”
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You’ve given me confidence, comfort, and the ability to teach and learn. I love you more than anything else in the world – and remember my guitar – even if I ever let you down in my anger and frustration, and I blame you rather than myself – know that I will never desert you. Continue reading

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