This post is named “You’re Not There” because I am sharing a very touching music video created by the very talented Lukas Forchhammer. His manager sent this to me and I wondered if perhaps it was because I have a similar song named “You Were There.”

Last week I read in the newspaper that his group, Lukas Graham, received three Grammy nominations. How fantastic!

Aside from being very touching musically and lyrically, I appreciated the use of Photoshop where the Lukas’s father fades in every picture. That is quite difficult to do because it requires recreating the background in a convincing way. It’s actually quite amazing to watch this video.

It’s so interesting how our song titles are the opposite and yet carry the same message.

My song celebrates my mother’s presence in my life as I mourn her absence. Lukas’s song does that also, but his father wasn’t very old when he passed away. Since my mother lived to be 88, Lukas had many more years of absence to face.

I am very lucky to have had my mom that many years, but watching her decline was tough. I hated to see her suffering and I have friends with elderly parents going through similar scenarios.

Recently, I made a new acoustic recording of my song, so I am sharing it with my own video, as well.“

“You’re Not There” is actually a good description of how I’ve been feeling lately toward my blog. I just I haven’t felt much like writing new posts. I plan to write again soon because I have a lot of exciting things to share.

Thankfully, I’m in a good place; I’m extremely peaceful and relaxed. Writing was an emotional outlet for me and I released so much over the last 7 years. I’d like to see it as emptying my heart of sadness so I could be filled with contentment.

Only this past week, I actually started up writing again. Feeling peaceful was an interesting place to be as I revisited my audiobook. I am submitting my final draft to be professionally recorded by a wonderful actress/speaker/reader. I met Susan and when I received her test sample my heart was very moved. She read my words with such feeling and connection; I cried as I listened.

My book will be published on Audible in early 2017. Saying I’m excited about it is an understatement. I’ve refined my book over the last seven years and I’m close to the finish line now!

JASON MARK – PART 1 Audio book test sample by Susan

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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