Pear Final Art

This is not an illustration of a pear – it’s a trio!

Two weeks ago, I completed a large assignment of 21 fruit and vegetable illustrations. It took me about 3 weeks, instead of the month that I estimated it would take.

I couldn’t believe that I received another new assignment the day after I finished that large project. My above illustration of pears was done a few days ago; it is one of 4 new illustrations I’m working on for Tillamook Dairy Company.

TIL_15107 Lowfat Yogurt Update_r1B

This is my layout. The final painting had smoother lighting and coloration. The leaf on the left was removed.

Now I feel compelled to share some puns about pears.

My love for pears is appearent. And I’m also a pearant. I’d love to go to Pearis. Perhaps I should write a pearable about pears.

I’d better move onto another pearagraph because I’m sounding like a pearrot.

Pears Three

Okay, those weren’t very good puns. I’m a bad girl.

This leads me into what I really want to write about – Good girl vs. bad girl syndrome.

For me, that syndrome represents an extreme or “black and white” way of thinking. Ridding my life of judgment and criticism has been my goal now for the last 3 years. Yet it’s hard to wipe out associations that are lodged in my subconscious because of what I heard so often when I was growing up.

“Good girls never accept a date at the last minute. Good girls don’t travel. Good girls don’t live on their own before marriage. Good girls are virgins.”

Seeing pictures of myself in the apartment where I’m now living is like time travel. This year, I replaced the black and white floor and love the new look. I’m wondering why I have such a scrunched up expression in this picture with my dad.

Seeing pictures of myself in the apartment where I’m now living is like time travel. This year, I replaced the black and white floor and love the new look. I’m wondering why I have such a scrunched up expression in this picture with my dad. I’m holding a ruler – perhaps I had an art project back then that I was working on!

I learned early on what I needed to do to be a “good girl.” I was unable to express myself. And I lived with denial in order to keep any angry feelings shoved down.

Lately, there are things my former husband has done that upset me greatly. But because of our children, I won’t share any details on my blog about it.

I know that I haven’t been dealing with it in a healthy way because of obvious clues. I made an emergency visit to my dentist because I was suffering with intense jaw pain. It was from clenching my teeth and that was something new. I have been biting the nails on my left hand (not on the right, because I use that hand to pluck my guitar strings). And it’s been really hard for me to stay on track with my eating; for several months I’ve been working hard to lose weight.

If I were to write a Princess and the Dragon story using metaphors, I would describe my situation as one where I could feel the dragon breathing fire and smoke in my doorway. Of course, I pretended that nothing was happening most of the time even though I was choking.

Once again, I’m wondering what my expression is about in this photo. It looks like I’m thinking about my pet lizard.

Once again, I’m wondering what my expression is about in this photo taken on my patio with my mom. It looks like I’m thinking about my pet lizard.

A few weeks ago, I hoped that I’d find some tools to help me during my hypnotherapy session.

I told my therapist, Connie, how frustrating it was to flip back and forth between being “the bad one” and “the good one.” I wanted to find another way to think about all of this but I couldn’t find any middle ground and it was frustrating.

I was being plagued by “good girl/bad girl syndrome!”

I had expended every ounce of my energy into loving and supporting all three of my children since my separation. In the last three years, I witnessed their spectacular growth and was certain that my involvement made the difference. That made me “the good one.”

As I wrote on my last post about my song “The Door,” when I ended my marriage I had a lot of guilt. I felt like I was a traitor who shocked my husband when I ended our marriage. I received a lovely comment this past week. The words from a dear blogger friend, Sandra Callahan really uplifted me:

I am at a loss for words when I read your interpretation of the events surrounding your “awakening.” You are so gifted and talented! It is sad your ex did not appreciate these gifts as well as your sharp wit and humor. It is sad that he chooses to make choices that have a negative impact on those who deserve his love and protection. If anyone was a “traitor” in this sad story it is he. It is hard for me to think someone so full of joy and laughter endured so many years of heartbreak.

Whatever heartbreak I’ve endured is in the past and my joy is because I am hopeful that it is behind me now.

Whatever heartbreak I’ve endured is in the past and my joy is because I am hopeful that it is behind me now.

I was hopeful that perhaps while I was under hypnosis I would gain some insight. I heard Connie’s voice in the distance and quickly drifted off.

After a few minutes, I spoke aloud to Connie with my eyes closed. I told her that nothing seemed to come to me that could replace the good girl/bad girl theme. I concentrated, but still I drew a blank.

Then I said aloud, “I know I’m a devoted mom so I wonder why I feel so badly. I’m not trying to make my ex look bad, but some of his actions toward our children make me so angry. I am powerless and alone with my thoughts. I cannot express my anger because it is inappropriate for my children to know about it. Sometimes when they ask me what is wrong, it seeps out and I say things I wish I hadn’t.”

I said tearfully, “I’m only human!”

At that moment, I realized that I had hit upon something. Being human . . .

That was such a beautiful alternative. I had found a way to replace “black and white!”

Being human gave me permission to feel upset and to make mistakes. Being human helped me understand that it wasn’t about being “bad;” it wasn’t an excuse either. It helped to explain my reactions when I was under tremendous pressure.

Before our session ended I blurted out, “It’s incredible to know how much my ex hates me after spending 31 years together!”

Connie wrote something down and then said sweetly, “That’s a story you could hold onto. How does it feel when you think of it that way?”

I grinned and knew the answer to that. I loved my therapist and she was waiting for me to come up with a replacement story. Out it came with the words of: “It’s in the past!”

Connie’s voice was enthused. “Yes, tell me more about that!”

I said, “Just like grief – I remember many sad and horrible things. But when it’s in the past, it reminds me of how far I’ve come – how I’m beyond the pain and living in a much better place.”

I left our session with a huge smile. I was thinking of all the things in my past that were behind me now. And then I started thinking about all the things I had to look forward to.

Perhaps there were things I still had to deal with related to “the dragon.” My plan was to vent more to friends so as not to feel overwhelmed by anger when I was around my children. Friends sure made a difference.

This picture was taken this past Mother’s Day. It was the best one I ever experienced; no doubt about that.

This picture was taken this past Mother’s Day. It was the best one I ever experienced, no doubt about that.

My children are more important than anything else in the world to me. I am always demonstrating how much I love them and revel in their accomplishments. I do try to avoid writing about them, but I am going to share a few details because I’m a proud mom.

This past week, my 18-year-old son began learning to drive. I signed him up for a few private lessons and he drove with me on a small errand yesterday. Then today, I courageously allowed him to go on the freeway. Sharing all of this with him was very nerve wracking exciting. Thankfully, he stayed cool and collected even though I was very hysterical serious.

On top of that, a few weeks ago he began working as a volunteer at Kulak’s Woodshed where I perform regularly. He is very well liked and appreciated – (On my Facebook music page, he can be seen setting up my microphone for a recent video performance.) Since summer began, I’ve nagged him to get a job. Volunteering was a backup plan that I hope he’ll continue doing. Well today he landed his first job! He will be working at a nearby movie theatre. I am bursting with pride and can hardly contain my joy.

My daughter and I are extremely close. Recently, she’s made many changes to her life. I try very hard to refrain from being critical or judgmental. I’ve been rewarded because she shares so many personal things with me. I always encourage her with the statement of, “Honey, I know you will figure things out and do what is best for you.” I am so proud of her courage. Recently, she told me she wants to travel somewhere with me. We are both thinking about where we will go.

My oldest son amazed me this week. He reached out and called his sister so they could “go bowling and hang out.” They had a great time together. The next day, he went out of his way to fix a TV someone was discarding. He wanted to give it to his sister. He spent over $100 of his own money and then drove over to her apartment with a friend to install it. Just thinking about his thoughtfulness chokes me up.

I’m glad I could update my blog. More is coming. I have been in a phase of productivity that is astonishing. On top of working as an illustrator, I’ve accomplished more in the last two months than I have in two years with my music and audio projects. It’s all because I’ve hired an assistant to help me.

I feel blessed. And I am very human!

I have several boxes of CD’s ordered that are on their way. Where will I put all those boxes in my tiny apartment?

I have several boxes of CD’s ordered that are on their way. Where will I put all those boxes in my tiny apartment?

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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10 Responses to I AM HUMAN

  1. Joni Lautman says:

    Great blog Jude, I love how you reveal yourself!! So loving; so open!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Norm says:

    Jude, I loved reading this blog. While you were the good girl I was the good son. I am so glad the kids are doing so well. I got choked up also, when i saw the part about the TV he fixed for his sister. I get the same feeling when I see the interaction and caring among all my girls.




    • Judy says:

      Oh, Norm! What a nice comment from my own brother. Not only can we relate about this with our own kids, how about knowing mom and dad are beaming down on us from heaven with joy? You and Jo have been such great support for me. I’ll never forget the day I moved out and how you both helped me start my new life. I am so blessed!!


  3. jmgoyder says:

    I admire the way you have kept from venting to your children about your ex. My friend, who has just left her husband and is living with me temporarily, is just as kind as you in that she hasn’t told her 3 children (about the same age as yours) the details of why she can’t go back to her husband. I so admire your courage, wisdom and energy – oh and your puns!!!


    • Judy says:

      Thanks for the support, Julie. Don’t admire me too much because I am human and occasionally I have vented. Then I feel so badly afterwards. It’s so wonderful of you to help your friend – you are an exceptional person. I’ll just keep right on punning – it’s so much fun!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. your children will understand in the years to come just what has occurred and the true strength of character you have shown. it is better that way. it is admirable to be a good human bean, keep in mind that all of us are only human. we have all made our mistakes or have them to face ahead of us. me? well i made so many in the past that i am hoping not to make any big blunders in my time ahead of me:)

    of course i completely enjoyed your puns! what is wrong with me? hahaha


    • Judy says:

      Thank you, Sandra. If I’m a good human “bean,” then we’re both “peas in the pod!” I think you are right about my children understanding in the future. Either way, love is my guide.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Dear Judy, Thank you so much for sharing your life like this. What I have read is a blessing in my life and I have been praying for you and your family a long time. I too am so proud of all your children. You and they have always been an added joy, and in hearing how well they are doing from you.
    Thanks again too for my birthday day out. Love from Marie:)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Judy says:

      Oh, Marie, it’s so lovely to get a comment on my blog from you. You have stayed in touched with us for years and it’s because you were such a special person in our lives. It is very healing for me to write openly – sharing the good and the bad, all part of being human. Thank you for being a part of our journey and it was wonderful to celebrate your birthday with you! You must know what a difference you made to my son’s life.


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