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I had focused so much on losing my mother incrementally to her dementia. Now I had my father to think about. The aching feeling in my heart spread like tentacles throughout my body. I wasn’t sure what the ache was about. I thought about what I would write.
Then I heard music playing and realized that the words I was searching for had already been written. I decided that my recent song “You Were There,” applied to my father as well.
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And so it was that I met Sara. Sara told me she was ninety-eight-years old. She wanted me to record her words so I could share her message with my mother. She spoke loudly and said: “Shirley, I want to tell you that I have two, broken hips! And they will not operate because I am too old. But I’m walking! I’m walking with a walker and sometimes I am walking by myself. And with a little patience I am sure that you are going to walk also. And we’re all rooting for you!”
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I received a phone call today. My mom will be moving tomorrow morning. She will be transferred to a different facility where my father has been living. She will be in nursing care, and he will continue to live in a more independent, assisted living situation. Although they will not be sharing a room together, now they will get to see each other every day! Continue reading

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My mom was crying. She continued sharing, “She told me that I will move – it is for sure! They’re not going to punish me for falling out of my wheelchair; they’re going to make sure I’m with dad, and soon! I am so happy – I believe her. She was so nice to me. I am definitely next on the list. She said she spoke with everyone in charge and they all in agreement about this! Isn’t that wonderful? Continue reading

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