The Door and my guitar

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The Door Acoustic 5-16-18

The Door Arrangement Mix 10-25-17 Copyright 20717 by Unger

The Door Vocal Mix 10-25-17 Copyright 2017 by Unger

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My song garden has become a lovely arboretum; I now have over fifty songs with arrangements. That translates into a lot of singing, composing and guitar playing over the last few years. I especially love my recent song arrangements and have learned so many things from working with my arranger, George.

Although I have occasional angst over key and tempo decisions, overall I am satisfied with my singing voice. This is huge for me since I seldom take a voice lesson anymore.

I’ve discovered how from one session to another my singing ability varies. Occasionally, I’ll hold my voice back and none of the vocal lines have conviction. Other times, I’ll over-sing and many words come out too harsh. Because I am so adept at vocal editing, I know how to make my recordings work. I’ll go back to sing parts if my song needs it. I always fill in my song “puzzle” so that all the pieces fit well together.

There are also those times, especially with a new song – where I feel a magical connection with my music and lyrics. It is such a joy to edit those recordings!

All of my recent singing is definitely better than anything I did a year ago. I am far more relaxed and have integrated concepts from my past lessons with Kimberly Haynes. I also remember so many things from the time when I worked with Peaches Chrenko.

A large percentage of my fifty songs have vocals that are “good enough.” I am getting closer and closer to releasing my music but having my songs and audio book professionally mastered has taken far more time and energy than I ever anticipated. I could write an entire story related to what I’ve learned about mixing and mastering music!

Every week, I work on a song that I’m certain will benefit from my improved voice. I never want to abandon any of my songs – many of them have alternate arrangements that are also beautiful. I can’t choose which version I like better, so I enjoy both of them.

Judy and the door

It was late in the afternoon when I arrived to record vocals. Darrin’s studio was only a mile from my house and I appreciated how convenient it was. I began recording with Darrin over a year ago; sometimes I wondered how long I would continue recording with him. For certain, there was never a shortage of songs that I wanted to improve!

When I came into the recording area, Darrin asked me what song I’d be singing. I smiled and said, “I think I’ll do my first version of The Door. I really love my newer version, but the very first one I composed in 2012 is also special.”

Then I added, “And since I found out this morning that my divorce is final – it’s a perfect song for me to sing today!”

Before I went over to the microphone, I took off my shoes so they wouldn’t squeak while I was recording. Sometimes I swing my arms while singing and hit the microphone stand (it sure adds a loud clunk). I always try not to do that but it is easy for me to get carried away while singing!

When I composed “The Door” in 2012, my song felt like it was a huge secret. The fact that I was miserable in my marriage was not a secret to people whom I was close with. But finding the courage to divorce was overwhelming and my song helped to guide me. My husband never expected I would leave and my secret ate away at my insides.

My first arrangement of “The Door” was very orchestral and filled with tension. I couldn’t sing it well because my voice was weak and breathy in 2012.

But now it was 2014 and my marriage was officially over. I positioned the headphones and my song began to play. I couldn’t believe that I had actually gone through the door.

As I heard the piano notes, I easily disappeared into my song. I pictured my old house and recalled the terror over ending my marriage and changing the course of my life.

I saw myself looking out the front door and imagining what it was going to take for me to leave. It wasn’t until after I separated that I added the line of “I knew I was worth more.”

I sang “The Door” six times. I left Darrin’s studio and was certain that on this day the magical connection was there.

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The door lyrics

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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6 Responses to THE DOOR – PART 3

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I am trying to catch up with your posts and music (which I love listening to in the evenings) – love you Judy!


    • Judy says:

      I must have kept you reading for hours with all you have to catch up on! Julie, I can’t thank you enough. Really – your words lift me up and I am so touched to hear that you can play the music and enjoy it. Wow! What more could I want from a dear friend? And by the way, I celebrate how the court case went. I knew it would work out in my heart, yet there is no certainty of these things. I do know that you expended so much worry about it and I wish you hadn’t suffered so much. What a relief to know it is over and you can move on. As I said before, sometimes things come out of this that will have a huge impact upon the future. Ming will always be very careful now and aware of things he might not have been otherwise. But I’m still sorry for what you went through!


      • jmgoyder says:

        Even though on my blog it seems like I kind of spill my guts, I actually withheld most of the absolute despair I have felt for the 6 months since the accident. My hands are still not quite right from the pompholyx and I just got a text message from Dr who took various tests on my last week but it’s too late to ring back – the message just said could I ring them so I am a little nervous – will ring in the morning. I am so unhappy about your eyes and I admire how you are coping so well – you are a legend, Judy!


      • Judy says:

        The truth is – we are so much alike! I think I can call you my soul sister. I hate complaining and writing about my condition so much. It barely touches on the absolute despair and I cannot begin to imagine how much you have suffered beyond what you wrote. Perhaps I have a sense of it because you are my soul sister. I felt it beyond your words and I think our body torturing us is very telling! I wish I felt like I was coping well. Some days I feel hopeless and helpless. I hate that. I never want to give up hope! Then I remember all the times in the past when hope returned and healed me. I hold onto that and every day is a new beginning for me, too. I do hope the doctor will give you some good news. Can’t wait to hear it!


  2. jmgoyder says:

    Hi again, Judy – test results for thyroid and staph are all clear so just waiting for results re skin scrapings (gross!) Thanks so much for your wonderful friendship and please know that if I don’t keep up with your posts it’s only because other stuff is going on in my life. Ming and I are basking in the relief after final court hearing so am a bit exhausted! Love you – Julie xxx


    • Judy says:

      Dearest Julie, How can you apologize for not keeping up? I feel you as one of my most supportive readers and it is of no obligation for you to read everything – bless your heart. Of course, you have a life and sometimes life can be filled with overwhelming things. Despite your “stuff,” I feel your caring and that is all that matters. Let’s hope the relief in your life and mine, will translate to physical relief from our other symptoms, as well! Thank you always for your support and friendship.


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