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My arranger, George told me immediately that he did like the word “pain” in my song. But I wanted to escape my pain, so I wondered how could I change that lyric line. My preliminary lyrics are below:

Far from pain

I ended up changing a “peaceful place” into a lovely day; I was elated because it was such a beautiful change!

How I arrived at finding those new lyrics was very touching for me.

Holding you again

My parents bed

“I’m crying while I’m dreaming”

My dream was so real! I actually thought I was shopping with my mother again. It was such a wonderful feeling to be with her. I was safe and loved. She listened to every little detail I shared with her about her grandchildren.

But when my dream began to change, I was in a state of panic. Instead of shopping, we were walking in a very cold place. I was confused – how was it that we were in a snowy place where it was so dark?

I held her hand and suddenly the ground seemed to open up and she screamed. I heard her splash into dark water right in front of me. I was afraid to jump in because I knew it was hopeless – I could not reach her and I would die if I followed her. Her eyes were huge and bulging and I gasped with the horror of it. I thought I even saw Jason below her in the icy depths. This was too much for me handle.

I prayed for it to end.

My eyes were wet with tears with the realization that it was only a dream. I covered my face with my pillow and cried.

In my dreams

Notice that my bed is the same one my parents slept in for decades. (Of course with a different mattress!)

Notice that my bed is the same one my parents slept in for decades. (Of course with a different mattress!)

“Holding you again”

A few days later, I had a similar dream. This time I woke up quickly to escape the horror of losing my mother in my dream.

As I lay there, I thought about how so many times I had woken my mother up when I had nightmares as a young child. I remembered how she would help me fall back to sleep. Now I was an adult and she was gone forever.

A tear trickled down my cheek in the darkness.

And then I heard a voice that was reminiscent of what I used to say to my mother. The voice said, “Mommy, can I stay with you until I fall asleep?”

I said, “Of course! I love holding you.”

I felt a gentle squeeze of warmth across my chest and shoulder. It was so sweet and lovely.

It took me away . . .

I was peaceful and fell back to sleep dreaming that I’d see him again someday.

Jason & Judy on recliner

“A lovely day”

My new song “Take Me Away” life was like a soft blanket over my entire day. It surrounded me with sweet notes and a melody that took away all of my sadness.

I could feel myself coping better. On top of everything else, I was working on an illustration assignment. My artwork came out very well and I was pleased about it.


I seldom write about my children anymore, although they are a huge part of my life. All three of them are very close to me. Going through my separation and divorce impacted them greatly even though they weren’t young children. My oldest son is 23, my daughter is 20 and my youngest son is 17.

I easily get teary with the memory of the shock on my youngest son’s face when he found out I was separating from his father. He begged me over and over to reconsider. At one point he was on his knees crying – it was a horrible moment in my life – and his.

Moving to a new home and adjusting was a slow process for him. He attended a new school where he began to thrive and bloom. Gradually, his discouragement and anger toward me began to subside.

I was beaming as I watched my lovely son perform and sing in his school play this past weekend.

I was beaming as I watched my lovely son perform and sing in his school play this past weekend.

Over the last few months, some amazing and wonderful things have happened for my son. His eyes constantly twinkle with excitement about life.

This past weekend he performed in a musical at his school. We bonded a lot as he practiced singing his solo so I could give him tips.

I was really touched when he asked me a favor. He wanted me to write him a handwritten note that he could read before each performance to help him stay calm. I couldn’t imagine being asked to do anything more beautiful.

His first performance was for his fellow classmates at school. When I picked him up he had so many wonderful things to share with me about his day.

We were almost home when he even asked me about my day. I hardly expect that from my teenager!

I told him I was thankful my illustration assignment had gone so well. My client liked my work and it was approved and accepted. I was definitely in a good place.

So it was on this particular day that I received the inspiration for my new song’s lyrics.

As I pulled into the driveway of our coop, I said “Honey, before you get out could you please help me with a lyric change for my new song?

He said, “Sure, mom! How can I help you?”

I said softly, “Can you think of a replacement for being taken to a peaceful place? It sounds too much like death. What other words could convey comfort?”

My son’s eyes were bright and his face was shining. Without hesitation he exclaimed, “How about a lovely day? Take me away to a lovely day – it even rhymes!”

I listened and mouthed the words; at first I wasn’t sure. But then I realized it was perfect.

Being taken to a peaceful place – away from pain represented an escape.

Lovely was different. Lovely was a word that invoked so many things.

It even had love in it.

My new lyrics were now about a lovely memory and that definitely took me to a place of healing.

And it happened on such a lovely day!

Note to my son

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3 Responses to TAKE ME AWAY – PART 2

  1. jmgoyder says:

    I love the way you outline the musical process – so fascinating – and that son of yours is so special!


    • Judy says:

      You’ll relate to this I’m sure – he was special yesterday and today he was downright annoying. I plan to write a blogpost all about my discussion with him about why he needs to put the toilet seat down for me! He thought that I was imposing upon him to do that – ARGH!!!


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