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“Only Tears” represented a sense of finality for me about a chapter in my life that was ending. I knew it well when I wrote the song, and sharing the song with my friends that were leaving on world travels made the song even more poignant. My song was a goodbye to my college friends. It was also a goodbye to singing and songwriting, as well. Continue reading

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You’ve created such beautiful children Cheryl, and it’s amazing to think that your oldest daughter is at the age when we met! I’m not sure that I know what more to write. I read your website daily and there are so many heartfelt tributes to you. All of them are true. You are the epitome of courage and grace. Our time together was so much fun, because you always lived life with such enthusiasm and excitement. Continue reading

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My insight about my friendship was that it was a path I traveled on to maturity. Just like romantic love, I went from a fantasized notion about a relationship to a real one. This one ended with death, however, I can celebrate everything that I learned from the experience. When we progress from fantasy love to adult love, we become so much deeper. I know I am flawed and human. Cheryl was also an “imperfect human,” and I love her deeply as I remember her. She may be dead, but she is inside my heart and in my songs. Continue reading

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