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I used to notice when my mother said things that were “off the wall.” Now I tend to find myself noticing statements of her awareness instead. I find myself saying, “Wow, she is still on the ball with that remark!”
And so it is, that more often than not, she is not “on the ball.”
My new, lyric rhymes might be:
She not “on the ball”
Her statements are “off the wall!”
I started this post-name as: “I Miss the Way You Used to Be.”
But the “dance of dementia” continues for me.
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My mom’s words are harder and harder to find. I try to help her find them, and she’s appreciative. But we’re dancing around and around. I don’t want to see my mother upset. There is a “dance of dementia” going on. I don’t know where the dance is leading. My mother doesn’t even know the dance is going on, except she is very frustrated by her difficulty to find her words. We’re dancing around the dementia. Continue reading

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Since my fiftieth birthday last October, I have experienced many changes in my life. I have wondered if I should consider what I’m going through a “midlife crisis.” Well, the word crisis conjured up a lot of negative images for me. I looked up the definition of “crisis.” One definition of crisis, which sounded a whole lot better was “turning point.” Therefore, I have decided that what I am experiencing is a “Midlife Turning Point!”
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