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My passion for music could have me writing endless details about that journey alone. My heart is singing and it feels like I’m flying these days. As I have been healing, I’ve become more and more musical. There even seems to be the possibility that I might write a brand new song. I have been practicing my songs in lower keys, and it’s been exciting and challenging to find new chord structures. My playing has become smoother and my voice has begun to change. Continue reading

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When I found the ad at the bottom of my drawer, I was thrilled. I called George and set up an appointment. I described myself as a music lover from the 70’s. I used Carol King, as an example. She wrote songs, and she didn’t have a “killer voice.” I told him, “It’s not too late, baby!”
I was talking about myself. I am hoping there’s still a chance for a 50-year-old woman like me to succeed!
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