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Yesterday, I wrote: “You know you are a songwriter when you write a song while your father is dying.” That is true. I am in the process of composing the chorus for a new song, which already has two verses. This happens in my mind, no matter what I am doing. Today, I can write: “You know you are a writer when you feel the urge to write about the experience of your father’s death while it is still fresh in your mind.” That is also true. I can close my eyes and be at his deathbed in a fraction of a second. It has only been a few hours since he took his last breath and I am writing because more than anything else it comforts me. Why is writing so comforting? It is because I am hopeful that by sharing my experience I can touch other people and be inspirational. I feel like there is a light shining all around me. It lights up what once used to be darkness. Continue reading

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