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For me to enter a hospital so soon after my son had died following heart surgery was a huge challenge. Still, I manage to navigate a huge medical center to find her and her son. I stayed with her while her son had that surgery.
I think that was truly one of my most difficult days. I overcame my grief knowing that I was doing something where Jason would have been proud of me.
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After writing almost every day for a month, I am finally ready to share my story about Jason. Jason was the child I had seven years after I was married. He was born with a serious congenital heart defect called “Transposition of the Great Vessels.” As with most heart defects, his was “one of a kind.” I was told only one in ten thousand children have a defect as complicated as his. He had surgery when he was two and a half months old. He had another one when he was five. He died following that surgery. Continue reading

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