A week ago, I participated in another wonderful home recital/seminar held by my new coach, Hannah Anders. I enjoyed participating and received helpful feedback from the other singers who were there. I also loved hearing the different musical styles and beautiful voices of her other students.

The song that I shared on that day was “Set You Free.” The following night, I performed it at Kulak’s Woodshed and had a lot more power in my voice than usual. I attribute that to the confidence I’ve gained working with Hannah. With courage, I’ve shared that performance on the video above.

Below is a link to a recording of my introduction to “Set You Free” at the recital/seminar:  

Introduction to my song “Set You Free” performance 1-24-16


For me songwriting is mystical and magical. I was trying to decide which song to play today. I chose my song “Set You Free.”

 I didn’t write songs for thirty years; I played the guitar when I was 15 and then I stopped when I got married at the age of 21. I was very unhappily married and was taking care of my sick parents. I wanted to write a song, but I didn’t know if I could thirty years later; at the time, I was 52 years old.

First, I wrote a song for my son who died (in 1992) and then I wrote this one “Set You Free.”

My father was really sick and he suffered a lot before he died. I wrote this song a year before he died; I thought he was going to die that weekend.

 But the meaning for this song was that I ended up setting myself free.

After my father died, I asked my husband for a divorce. I had no idea when I wrote the lyrics, “I long for you to hold me” – it wasn’t just about my dad. There was a lot more to it . . .

SYF lyrics 1

Set You Free 2nd verse

1st C SYF A

1st C SYF B

SYF Lyrics 53rd v SYF

4th v SYF

SYF lyrics 8

SYF lyrics 9

To somewhere unknown
5th v SYF B

SYF lyrics 11

2nd C SYF B

Below are links to recordings of my song:

Set You Free Acoustic 1-3-18 Copyright 2018 by Unger

Set You Free Arrangement 12-20-17 Copyright 2017 by Unger

Set You Free Vocal 1-2-18 Copyright 2018 by Unger

More links to other stories about this song:

Story behind SET YOU FREE-PART 1

Story behind SET YOU FREE-PART 2

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About Judy

I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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4 Responses to SET YOU FREE – PART 2

  1. I listened to the link you provided on my page and my heart was as always, moved. Memories are precious as you have depicted here and the essence of someone is what stays. Huge hugs

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  2. justinbeene says:

    Said before I’ll say it again great blog. 😎


  3. jmgoyder says:

    Heart to heart feelings here Judy xxx

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