Peaceful Green Butterfly

I saw a lot of mossy wood and delicate ferns while hiking in Oregon last month. Perhaps because I’m an artist, I especially loved the gorgeous palette of greens that surrounded me.

I'm in a forest of green

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Copyright 2015 by Judy Unger

I’m in a forest of beautiful green

a palette of shades I’ve never seen

mossy wood, delicate ferns

a soft path beckons with twists and turns

The mountain air clears my mind

a bright sun sparkles as I unwind

cascading pools, a tumbling stream

I close my eyes so I can dream

I’m in awe

nature’s wonderland

so beautiful to see

peaceful and inspired

I’ll take you home

I’ll take you home with me


A misty beach fades into gray

my cheeks are moist from salty spray

glittering pebbles, watercolor skies

sea foam dancing before my eyes

I’m in awe

nature’s wonderland

so beautiful to see

peaceful and inspired

I’ll take you home

home with me

I’ll take you home with me

I definitely see glittering pebbles and a watercolor sky with this photo taken at Yaquina Beach in Oregon.

I definitely see glittering pebbles and sea foam dancing in this photo taken at Yaquina Beach in Oregon.

I find the entire process of creating a song very inspirational. One day, a song appears and as it unfolds it completely blankets my existence.

“Peaceful and Inspired” began with some very unique verse chords that I discovered on my guitar shortly before my trip to Oregon last month. While I was on my trip, I wrote some poetry that I wasn’t sure could be used as lyrics. When I returned I collaborated with my arranger, George to compose the chorus chords. I was amazed how my poetic lyrics easily fit into the music.

Despite being very busy working as an illustrator, I made time to record a vocal, guitar tracks and harmony. It was all a pleasure.

This song came to me at a time when I desperately needed peace and inspiration.

I was very depressed because my eyes were constantly hurting due to dry eye syndrome. I mourned the normal eyes I once had and cried easily, which was ironic for someone with poor tear film. I began to consider taking an anti-depressant to help me.

But it turned out that my song was my medicine. Listening to my song left me feeling peaceful and inspired. It took the “focus” off my eyes and the soothing music helped me to appreciate my beautiful journey and gifts. 

After my lyrics were written, I saw a brief article on Facebook entitled: “Science has found the emotion you need to stay healthy.” (Link to that article:  “The Goosebumps Test – Science has Found the Emotion You Need to Stay Healthy”)

I was floored to read that out of many positive emotions, one stood out as having a pronounced impact on markers related to inflammation. It was awe.

I went to the dictionary to look up awe. The first definition listed was: wonder. I love that word!

I use it quite often. The opposite of wonder was listed as: fear. Letting go of fear has also been a huge theme for me. Here is an example of how the word wonder can re frame my negative thoughts in a wonderful way:

How can I function when my eyes hurt?

This question leads me to think about my pain and prevents me from being productive.

I wonder how I can function when my eyes hurt?

This question leads me to search instead for ways to cope. Then I am far more productive!

Awesome desserts

This display of desserts at a very fancy bakery filled me with awe. I was hunting for a beautiful slice of pie and cake for an illustration assignment! I wonder how I can stay on a diet?

So it does seem that I’ve achieved great healing in my life from awe. After decades of feeling stressed and discouraged, my world was filled with awe when I started creating music again.

So happy when it started

Lately, there have been so many blessings in my life that continue to lift my spirits. Those joyful opportunities are the reason I’ve been able to overcome the physical pain and annoyance that I live with due to my eye condition.

Before I mention more about the many touching parts of my current life, I want to share more about my song’s title.

Like the last song that I composed named “In Every Smile,” I had many title ideas but nothing seemed to really hit me. My arranger, George liked the simple word “Peaceful.” 

“Peaceful and Inspiring” was my very first idea, but then I also like “Nature’s Wonderland.” Any title with the word peaceful had me thinking of the Eagles song named, “Peaceful, Easy Feeling.” Weeks went by and I was still very indecisive.

My good friend, Amélie, was a stellar and accomplished poet. She and I were walking together for exercise and after one of our walks I played my song for her. I was a little intimidated to share lyrics that I definitely did not spend a lot of time crafting. I had hardly revised them at all since scrawling them out while feeling inspired by scenery during my trip.

Amélie was very thoughtful and encouraging. She told me she loved my song and said, “When I hear your song, I’m transported to the Pacific Northwest. I can even picture the time of day and weather you experienced when you wrote your lyrics. Why don’t you use a song title from a location you actually visited in Oregon? That would make your song unique and memorable.”

I liked her idea! So I looked at a map of the areas I had visited. Since my lyrics were about a mountain and beach experience, I looked for beaches with forests nearby.

I sent Amélie a list to see if anything sounded pleasing.

Judy: Amélie, here are a few beach names that might work: Cascade Head, Yaquina, Salem or Munsen.

Amélie: I like Cascade. Work with that word; it seems like the best one. Cascade Morning. Cascade Trail. Cascade Inspiration. Not Head, though. That suggests something else.

Judy: Ha Ha!!! I’m rolling off my chair with laughter! Let’s see: Cascade Memories, Cascade Escape, Cascade Wonderland, Cascade Dreams . . . “Cascade Dreams” sounds like the one!

Amélie: Well there we go, then! Good choice!

As much as I liked the title “Cascade Dreams,” I really treasured the words peaceful and inspired. I suddenly realized that my song had lifted my depression and a title with those emotions touched me more than one that was unique and pretty.

My uncertainty lifted and I was able to copyright my song as “Peaceful and Inspired.”

When I hear my song, I definitely see the path ahead of me as soft; the twists and turns are beautiful – instead of stressful.

Mossy wood

Today is my father’s birthday; he died in 2012.

On his birthday three years ago I received a call from the nursing home telling me they could not wake him up for breakfast. The week that followed was such a horror, filled with many traumatic memories that have plagued me over the last three years. My father suffered terribly until he took his last breath five days later.

But I am amazed that I feel peaceful thinking of him today.

“Anniversaries of the Heart” and holidays can certainly trigger painful memories. Next weekend is Memorial Day.

That weekend carries poignant memories because my deceased son, Jason, was born on May 28th. I can hardly believe that Jason would have been 28 years old if he had lived. In my dreams, he is always a sweet 5-year-old angel.

When I remember Jason, I am peaceful and am not anguished like I once was.

Another example of peacefulness and inspiration happened for me on Mother’s Day two weeks ago. It has been two years since my mother died and that holiday could have been sad because I miss her so much.

But this past Mother’s Day filled me with awe! I treated my three children to dinner and a movie. My heart danced as I watched them laughing and conversing happily over dinner. When they were growing up, family outings were like torture for me. I suffered terribly trying to make them all “get along.”

How I wish I could have imagined this spectacular moment back then. My children were beaming at me. I felt their love and appreciation and marveled at how fortunate I was to have them all so close to me. On Mother’s Day, I didn’t forget my child, Jason who never had the chance to grow up.

 Strawberry Comps Round 1

I might not be as passionate about art as I am about music, but I do love my career.

My eye discomfort has been very tough for me to deal with, but it hasn’t interfered with my ability to work. I’m always amazed that I can see my computer well enough to do the many things I do even when my eyes are foggy and tired. It’s much easier now than in the past when family issues caused me so much stress that I could hardly concentrate.

I’ve decided to look at my eye problem as a “limp.” Sometimes, I limp with terrible pain and other times it’s just a limp.

But with amazement, I realize that lately I’ve been running with my “limp.” Instead of a slow and painful gait, I just hop along and have stopped wishing things were like they used to be when I felt “normal.” This seems to be my new “normal” now.

I continue to arrange songs, record vocals, play guitar, write stories, exercise (swim, walk or tennis) and create illustrations for the several projects I’ve been working on.

Hugging my beautiful daughter

I also being savor being close and involved in my three childrens’ lives. I share a picture above with my daughter taken on a walk near my house.

Last month, my youngest son was in a play at his school. He asked me to write him a note to help him with his nervousness beforehand. (I hope he won’t mind my sharing it.)

Play note

I end my upbeat post with an image from one of my recent art assignments. It was definitely a piece of cake!

NES Texting Campaign Print Layout for Judy

Red Velvet Final Art Colored Pencil

Red Velvet Cake closeup 1

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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  1. Norman Goodman says:

    Wow, Jude. Dad would have been 91 today. I can’t believe that in a few days he will have been gone for 3 years. Time is flying way too fast. I missed mom on Mother’s Day also. Love, Norm


    • Judy says:

      Ah, I love you, Norm. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. Loved our lunch with Miriam and the picture – so it was great to share it. 🙂


  2. may you hold peace in your heart and continue to be inspired by life. to know that you have now found a way to make friends with your pain.

    i am in awe of you and think you quite wonderful as a woman, a mother, a daughter, a songwriter/singer, a friend and so much more! your humor means so much to me and i am in awe of your ability to use words in such a clever way!

    i send you love and hugs my friend


    • Judy says:

      Whatever awe you have for my word making ability – cannot compare with yours. I read your comments to others and of course, am blessed with the ones you write to me. You have a way, Sandra, to encourage and build a person’s soul. Every time you write something to me, I find myself grinning and stroked by your love and kindness. Thank you for your words and of course, most of all for being my friend. Hope to hug you in person in a few months!


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