Click the blue links below to hear audio. I wrote my song over thirty years ago when I was a teenager.

More Than You Know Arrangement 11-4-17 Copyright 2017 by Unger

More Than You Know Acoustic 4-16-18

More Than You Know Home Recording 2/16/16 Copyright 2016 by Unger

I am certain I am trying to impress everyone with my finger-span in this picture taken while I performed classical guitar in college. Trust me, there is a lot more to playing guitar than how far the fingers stretch!

Currently, beautiful music envelops my life. Words are completely inadequate to describe my euphoria. My passion is easily apparent in the audio clips where I am discussing music with my vocal coach, Peaches Chrenko. I look forward to my lesson with Peaches every week. Our voices are animated and both of us laugh quite a bit when we are together. No one would imagine that we lead stressful lives after listening to our joyful discussions!



I have been continuing with my dedication toward finishing my audio book. At the same time, I am also deciding which songs will be included with my book. I continue to sing new vocals to go with some of my arrangements. I also have a few songs where I plan to redo their arrangements.


Although I thought the original arrangement for my song “More Than You Know” was quite beautiful, it dragged. I felt that my song had great potential if it were more up-tempo. I love expanding my musical horizons.


I made an appointment with my arranger, George. Initially, I told him he could simply work with the older arrangement and use it as a template for a faster song. We ended up arranging the song without my guitar playing as the underlying basis, and that gave us many more options. As George experimented with different sounds, the arrangement that developed was decidedly different. I am very enthused as I share my newest version of a song I wrote so long ago.




1. I had an interesting exchange with my daughter about my music. It all started with my asking her if she wanted to hear my latest song. She told me that she didn’t want to hurt my feelings, but she couldn’t listen to my singing voice. She said she was tired of hearing me sing, because my voice carried from my bathroom into her bedroom. (I play my guitar and sing in my bathroom). I told her I wasn’t hurt; it was fine. Then I asked if I could play for her instead a song arrangement that was Karaoke.


She listened and told me that my “medieval sounding” music would be great for sappy TV movies and movie scores. She was actually excited to share that idea with me, and was determined to impress me about how I could actually make some money by doing that.


I was so touched that she thought I had potential!


2. I received payment on a huge art project that involved the creation of two new paintings in addition to utilizing existing art. My computer skills finally are paying off.


I have never been paid so quickly after completing a project; two weeks is definitely a record!


My check showed up the day before Christmas and definitely was a blessing for me. This project definitely came at an excellent time, because it helps fuel my journey as I continue to pay for studio time to record my songs and stories.


3. I continue to appreciate the fact that my parents are still alive and not hospitalized.


4. I celebrate my joy and look forward to a wonderful New Year ahead for me as I continue to write, sing, and compose beautiful music and stories. 


I wrote my song “More Than You Know” at about the age I am in this picture, 18. My lips were moving and I wonder what I was about to say!


Copyright 2010 by Judy Unger


You gave me your hand; you’d always understand

No one else could see, all the change you’d seen in me

You gave me so much; within a single touch

I searched for a smile, you brought mine back for a while


I just can’t find the words to say

How it felt when you went away

All my life, I hoped you would stay

When you left, I let you go

I still love you, more than you know

More than you know


You brought me sunshine; I thought that you were mine

How could I believe? When I was left to grieve

You gave me everything that made me want to sing

How could I have guessed, our time would be my best?


I just can’t find the words to say

How it felt when you went away

All my life, I hoped you would stay

When you left, I let you go

I still love you, more than you know

I still love you

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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