I might be smiling here, but I wasn’t when i was recording Jason’s story.

I have begun recording my audio book. I am very enthused about the fact that things fell into place for me. My book will have high quality audio recordings because I decided to contact an old friend of mine who owns a recording studio. His name is Larry; he is married and a friend of another good friend of mine. Larry has worked professionally in the recording business for 32 years and is also putting me in touch with another successful author of an audio book.

A picture of what is in front of me when I record. The stand is covered with a blanket so the sound won’t bounce off it too much.

My friend, Larry, who has an amazing recording studio.

I dated Larry back when I was 19 years old. He loved music and I remember playing my guitar for him. When I began recording my book with him last week, Steve was going to join us. Unfortunately, Steve became ill that day. Hopefully, he will visit Larry’s studio another time. Larry has an amazing array of audio equipment that I am certain would fascinate Steve. I asked Larry’s partner, Dave, to take a few pictures for me to share here on my blog.

Just for fun, later in the evening I went back to one of my old photo albums to find some pictures of Larry. I found two pictures of him, but none of us together.



My book will probably be available in two months. I am very enthused and look forward to promoting it. It will be wonderful for me to sing and speak; I look forward to touching many people with my sincere message of hopefulness and healing.


I received a flyer from my temple, yesterday. This was what was written about the one-hour workshop I will be conducting.

Temple Flier

Clicking on this makes it larger.

A recent e-mail message update:

I’m feeling better this week.

I did some recordings at my friend, Larry’s studio the last few days. I recorded Jason’s story and I wouldn’t want to read it again. I did do a far more emotional performance than my first rendition a few months ago. Anyone hearing this will be stopped in their tracks. It’s almost too much for me to hear myself reading it.

My father is set to have a microwave procedure on his prostate on the 18th of next month. He is being taken off blood thinners now. He came over to “help me” finish last year’s taxes – wow, what a relief! On Wednesday, I took him to the dentist and I’m beat. I still am not great with putting on and taking off wheelchair leg rests and get this – he insists on me bringing a walker AND a wheelchair. I have to push both together; like a train to my car. However, I am clapping for him when he walks. He was SO PROUD to show me and told me that he’s worked hard to do this. I wouldn’t have believed it. My parents just keep on ticking!

“Speaking and recording, Jason Mark – Part 2”


My own words faced me upon the pages in front of me. How was I going to read them? Was this a performance? Just the thought of being an “actress” caused me to shudder. This was my life, and the role I was playing was myself.


I told myself that this was not acting, and simply an expression of my feelings. I spoke carefully and honestly. But as my story began to unfold, I felt like I was transported back to the nightmare I lived continuously for years. The feelings began to swell inside my heart – I allowed my voice to express them.


The farther I went into the story, the harder it became. Jason’s dead image floated in front of my eyes again. Finally, I reached the end.


I stopped; it was my last story for this recording session. Thankfully, there would be no more recordings.


I came home and saw a message on my computer asking me if I could help a family whose child was dying.


I was ready.

Larry standing at the control panel. I record in the room on the other side of the glass.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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