Yesterday, I had a wonderful hypnotherapy session. Instead of feeling depleted, I felt like I was brimming with energy. I certainly had a lot to share with my therapist, Connie.

Only the week before, I remembered clearly an image that I had while under hypnosis. Connie had sad, “You are on a beautiful staircase – I am going to count backwards from twenty as you descend into deep sleep.”

I blurted out, “Wait! I’m not descending, though! I’m ascending! I’m on that beautiful staircase, but I’m going up and up – into the sky. I am above a hospital and you know what? I have my mother next to me. We’re going up the staircase into the sky together!”

That was my image last week.

Yesterday, as she counted and I fell into hypnosis, I definitely felt the sensation. Many times, I don’t. It’s just a very relaxed feeling. Yesterday, I felt a wave of tingling and peace. I could hear my music. Since I have been in the process of composing another song, sometimes the melody will play itself for me when I least expect it.

I had no images while under hypnosis, yesterday. Only peace.

“Yesterday morning”

My mother’s face was definitely less gaunt. That was the first thing I noticed. I was a little unhappy when a nursing assistant came to help my mother up. This lady was so sweet, however, she had no idea my mom had broken her hip a week earlier.

I stopped her from trying to walk my mother to the bathroom by explaining my mother had broken her hip a week ago. I tried to contain my shock that my mother’s condition wasn’t told to everyone who worked with her. What if I wasn’t there?

I knew the answer to that! My mother would be given a narcotic because she’d be in “too much pain.” Often her pain was a result of just being handled in a way that wasn’t “appropriate” for her situation.

Almost everyone that has seen my mother can hardly believe she has handled her pain so well. My mother’s greatest pain is her dementia. It is a demon and I plan to write about that soon.

I asked the nursing supervisor to allow me to put a sign above her bed stating her condition. I was told it is against regulations.

Although I was reassured that it wouldn’t happen again, I wasn’t that reassured!

I still have not heard back about obtaining a “prescription” so my mother could have a seatbelt on her wheelchair!

As an advocate for my children, I am astounded about how advocacy for the elderly has resulted in “regulations” that are truly not about keeping them safe!

After breakfast my new friend, Sara, stopped by my mom’s table. She said, “Shirley, just wait! You and I are going to take a walk together!”

I grinned when Sara told my mother about how much she loved my music!


I began to work further on transposing the remainder of chord progressions on my song Farewell. Since I don’t have a lot of background in music theory, transposing can be a very painstaking exercise for me.

The melody for what might be either a bridge or verse “revealed” itself to me. It was quite beautiful and my heart soared as I heard it repeating over and over in my head. Sometimes I’ll find a great melodic line, but then lose it. When it “sticks,” then I know it’s the one to go with.

I decided I’d bring my guitar in the morning and play for my mother and my new friend, Sara, who lives across the hall.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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