I let them dry and didn’t mess them up for once!

It seemed like the title above was a logical follow-up to “rediscovering what I love to do!”

I have been finishing up recording the last of the approximately, twenty songs I composed before I was twenty-one. Recently, I’ve started to rediscover a few other ones that I had assumed I’d forgotten. This actually involves composing music, which is very exciting.

I wasn’t sure the ten “lost” songs were that compelling. Some of my lyrics made me squirm! As a (now) 51-year-old woman, I felt wistful to sing the following lyric line last night:

“It might have been . . . the very first time we kissed. Lightly sprayed by an ocean mist, my mind was in blur. I remember just how shy you were.”

As I was singing that line, my husband angrily burst into the bathroom to announce, “Killer just chewed up the nice earbuds I bought you. You shouldn’t have left them on the floor next to your bed!”

That sure killed the romantic moment for me!

My husband is not sentimental, and I always appreciate him remembering my birthday. He should know – a new car does sound good!

I found this old 4th grade photo. Wow – the material makes me look like I’m Irish! How did that string stay in my hair?

After that meeting, I planned to meet my friend, Marge, for lunch to celebrate my birthday. (Post #148, You’ll Have Never Gone Away). Since my meeting was cancellled, we had more options.

Marge asked me what I would like to do for my birthday. She was willing to drive out to my house from Culver City. Well, one of my ideas was for us to have a manicure/pedicure together. That has definitely been something new for me!

Other than two, special occasions (my own wedding included), I never had a manicure for fifty years. My nails were “deformed,” because I bit them so low they would bleed. Since I stopped biting them in July of this year, I have gotten considerable pleasure admiring my “new hands!”

Having nails has also been a TREMENDOUS asset for guitar playing!

Marge and I had a wonderful time catching up. Marge’s last manicure was at her own wedding sixteen years earlier. She still had beautiful nails, but with the manicure they looked exquisite!

Marge and I showing off our nails. 

As for me, I was feeling very emotional all day. I’ve written about the hypnotherapy term called “up and out.” Releasing sadness was part of what changed my life.

I think happiness was “up and out” for me today. My joy was definitely radiating through me and could not be contained.

I believe I was emotional because I suffered so long trying to contain my unhappiness.

Marge and I babbled, while occasionally the two manicurists chimed into our conversation. They must have overheard a lot!

With my pedicure, I looked forward to having a tiny, flower painted onto my toenail. However, I asked the manicurist if she could do a butterfly instead. She was very excited to show me what she could do. As an artist, I totally admired her effort.

I was so impressed with my “toenail butterfly,” I decided to take some pictures! The manicurist obliged, and in a halting voice she said something that did not escape me. I had to question her further, because I found it so interesting.

She said, “I want everyone to see this butterfly, and I hope you will come back to us when you are famous.”

I asked her why she thought I would become famous. She told me that my confidence and aura gave her the impression that I would be famous some day.

I’m aware that my journey feels very clear, and my children hate my confidence about being successful. Today, I told Marge that it wouldn’t matter where my journey went.

I love what I am doing. I plan on continuing, and making whatever sacrifices are necessary to do so! It is my time now, after taking care of so many others for so many years.

At lunchtime, Marge went to use the restroom. I sat alone for a moment and checked my cellphone for messages. I saw that my oldest son had left me a message on Facebook.

Happy Birthday, Mom. LOVE YOU!!!

(His “gravatar” is our conure, Tiki)

My oldest son was such a gentle and sensitive man. I felt like crying because I was so blessed!

I received such an outpouring of love and birthday greetings today. To all those dear friends of mine that contributed to that, thank you!

My mother who always made a big fuss about my birthday, lost track of it this year. I made sure to call her and let her know how happy I was. I’ve saved so many of her cards, and have shared many of them on my blog. However, I found that sharing an old one today wasn’t helpful for me, since it made me sad thinking of it.

I was cracking up when I came home and heard a message from my childhood friend, Joni. Her message rambled and basically said she was wondering if I had a birthday in October – she thought perhaps it was in November. She wanted me to call her to make sure she wouldn’t miss it.

I called her, and right away she said, “It’s November, isn’t it?”

I told her that she nailed it right on the day. She was incredulous. I decided it was time to ask her.

In February when this blog began, I met with a well-known music producer, Jud Friedman. I wrote about the experience on Post #6, Rediscovering What I Love to Do – Part 1.

For two weeks prior to that meeting, I practiced my guitar diligently in order to show him what I could do. My fingers were sore and practically bloody since I had no calluses due to not playing for thirty years.

Joni thought it was a great idea. She gave me his phone number.

I’ve decided it is time to contact Jud again and share my progress.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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