Here I am performing Beside Me Always at Kulak's Woodshed on October 4th.

Here I am performing Beside Me Always at Kulak’s Woodshed on 10-4-10.

It is simply because of music that my life has been so magical. I didn’t even mind driving in traffic today, because as long as I listened to music I was uplifted!

I had a $700 car repair, and was totally inconvenienced – however, my heart was joyous anyway. I apologize to any readers if the focus of my blog has veered away from former topics. I am simply intoxicated by music.

Singing and expressing myself that way has become the spigot for my soul.

I had a wonderful voice lesson with Peaches today, which I love to share. So my “story is there,” as I share my magical, musical life with anyone that loves ‘70’s music.

My story is one of an ordinary 51-year-old woman, having the time of her life!

My improvement as a singer and performer has been startling for me. Of course, it seemed likely that I would improve due to all my practice; I perform at Border’s Bookstore twice a week, I record my songs, and I perform at Kulak’s Woodshed.

However, I started out my journey with the assumption that my voice was “what I was born with.” I thought a voice was as basic as a person’s appearance; it might be slightly improved, but certainly could not be altered. An appearance could be altered, but not a voice!

Recently, when I’ve performed – I’ve felt like I have a completely, new voice. I’ve been able to control it. I no longer feel the need to sing loudly anymore. Finally, I’ve begun to understand exactly how a microphone affects my tone. Now I listen carefully, and make any adjustment necessary to keep my pitch and tone where I want it. I’ve also found a “palette” of expression, which allows me to vary the delivery of meaningful lyrics in my songs.

The whole experience has been simply amazing, because for the very first time in my life – I like the way my voice sounds!

On top of gaining singing experience, I am now an independent performer! I no longer require my husband to be my “roadie.” I am so appreciative that he was patient with me. In the beginning, I was too nervous to pay much attention to setting up the equipment in preparation of my performances at Borders. I needed to learn where to place the speakers, cords, amplifier, and guitar hookup. Every cord had a hole and volume setting – I would panic just thinking about forgetting where things went!

My husband would show me something each week. Finally, after two months of playing twice a week, I was ready. I didn’t like seeing him look so tired, and I didn’t want to be so reliant on him also. Now I lug my gear-bag and guitar into Borders. I set up everything by myself. It has worked out just fine!

This past weekend, a woman approached me. She shared that she heard about my performance in a large newspaper’s entertainment section. During my show, I was thrilled to connect with an audience that to came just to see me.

Life has been getting more and more exciting by the moment!

LESSON WITH PEACHES-10/19 70’s Cover Songs


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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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