In April of this year, I wrote about my close friendship with Cheryl. At that time, I shared my original lyrics to my song, “Just a Tune.” I also arranged this special song for her. Clicking the blue link below plays my song:

Just a Tune Home Recording 9/29/16 Copyright 2016 by Judy Unger

 Embarassing and amazing – a brief recording of my song from 34 years ago!

I adored Cheryl, and fondly remember what great times we had before I got married. She deeply shared my music with me.

I wasn’t ready to record this song until I resolved some lyric issues that bothered me. In many places on the original lyrics, the rhymes weren’t “perfect rhymes” (for example, friend and again). Worse yet, some syllables were sung on and on – especially on the word “again.”  The song was far too long with four choruses; I shortened it to three. Gradually, I resolved all of those issues.

This song has a lullaby sound and gentle quality to it. It reminds me of certain songs that I sang by John Denver and Cat Stevens; I can definitely feel their influence.

Cheryl was very close with me during the time that I was intensely writing many of my songs. She inspired me on at least five of my songs. This song would be the song that was clearly the one I most considered a special gift to her.

Although Cheryl passed away two years ago, she lives on in my music.

I had decided that presently whenever I sang this song, I wasn’t thinking of her – I was actually thinking of how my life has changed and how happy I’ve been.

I changed one line of lyric to especially fit how I felt at the moment. That line was the one that originally said, “And what it means to be a friend.” I changed it to: “And what it means to be my own best friend.

A lot of credit for that goes to someone named Connie.

My original music transcription for my song, Just A Tune.

“Today’s recording experience”

I arrived at George’s studio this morning eager to record my song. George told me this song should be kept simple.

When we were finished I asked George, “How do you like these last songs of mine? They’re certainly not hit material!”

He answered, “Look Jude, these last two songs seem very personal; they’re harder to relate to. You know what I mean?”

I did. I told him my remaining songs that followed would continue to be even more so.

Then, George made an interesting remark. He said, “Remember when you asked me if I miss doing my own music? Well, Jude, when I’m working on your songs it feels like I’m doing something special of my own in some way. And actually, have I ever told you that I believe in past lives? I’m sure in some past life we were both composers!”

I perked up with that remark – recently, I have felt that way. It’s as if the music I have heard in my head came from somewhere outside of me. Perhaps in a past life I was a composer.

I drove home listening to my song; I remembered Cheryl and began to cry. I missed her so much.

She had lived far away. We seldom spoke or saw each other much over the years. I tried to convince myself that it was sadness for the nostalgia of my youth. Preparing for this post meant I went through my memorabilia box again. Reading all of her cards and letters again hit me hard. Would I ever feel that way about anyone in my life ever again? I decided that becoming “my own best friend” was the answer. It was time for me fill myself up with the gift that I was given. My gratefulness to God was endless.

Judy & Cheryl hanging out


Copyright 2014 by Judy Unger

Just a tune to tell you, you’ve been on my mind

I’m so thankful for our love

you’re someone I never dreamed I’d find.


You’ve shown me how to care

I’m blessed because you were always there

But with everything you have given me

The greatest gift was that moment when

I could feel love again.


Just a tune to tell you, you’ve inspired me

don’t know how I lived without you

before we met I was so empty


You’ve helped my heart to mend

From you I’ve learned to be my own best friend

But with everything you have given me

The greatest gift was that moment when

I could feel love again

For such a long time I felt alone

You came along, filled me with song

and love I’ve never known

Just a tune to tell you, love made my life new

My broken heart has healed

it began from the moment I met you

You’ve shown me how to care

and what it means to be my own best friend

but with everything you have given me

the greatest gift was that moment when

I could feel love

I could feel again

Now I can feel love again

A page from my diary in 1980.

Clicking on this brings it up larger.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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