My illustration of a sandwich describes me perfectly!

Random thoughts:

Killer came running to me and licked my face. I love the fact that I never hear complaints about “morning breath!”

That dog is a huge distraction – even more than email. Today, while I was working on an art job, Killer came to keep me company.

He just ate the newspaper I put down for him to pee on. What should I do? It’s such a mess! If I take away the newspaper, where will he pee and poop?

Then I caught him chewing on a rubber part – it was from a fountain pen that one of my children had left out. I am not up to baby proofing this house for a dog!

Oh my god! Now the dog is chewing on an “Ant Bait Hotel.” I won’t tell Michael. He would say (because he always exaggerates), “The dog ingested poison, and he most certainly will die a slow and painful death over the next two weeks.”

Rosa would say, “A dime a dozen; I’ll find you another Chihuahua. I’ve already had two – it’s easy!”

I noticed that one of the cats was eating the dog’s food. Wow, they both liked to switch foods! Wasn’t that interesting. That thought left me quickly as I realized how I’d feel if the cat threw up again!

I couldn’t even go to the bathroom alone. All the animals have followed me.

I could hardly believe I was able to get any work done! I rested a short while, until the front door slammed as my oldest son left to go to class.

At that moment, the dog let out a shrieking, soprano coyote howl. Then “smarty-pants remembered” – there’s that “other lady” upstairs resting. He barreled up the stairs and started howling at my bedroom door.

I was done resting, for sure. Killer licked my face. I noticed that I could almost fit his head inside my mouth. Why didn’t I have a dog instead of kids? All this love, and no aggravation!

More random thoughts:

Can dogs have Asperger’s Syndrome?

Is that a rawhide toy or a poop on the carpet?

Killer is barking at our cat; the cat is hissing back. I shout, “Stop fighting you two!” Oh my goodness; it’s just like my children. Turn off that nagging horn; the animals are not listening and don’t understand English!

Could this dog have a cardiac defect? I haven’t yet shared that I’m very capable of detecting arrhythmias and low blood oxygen.

Aha – my mother termed this phrase for me perfectly: The dog is just having a “Happy Heart Attack!”

This morning, I realized I never brought in yesterday’s mail. That has happened a lot, lately. I saw the dog across the room and figured, “I’ll just slip out the front door and get the mail.”

Lesson learned: NEVER try to get out the door without the dog. It squeezed by me, like a bolt of lightning; the door slammed shut and I heard a huge yelp! OMG, OMG – did I kill it? I couldn’t handle any more grief in my life right now!

Thank god, the dog rolled on the grass and was still alive. This was too much excitement for me. It’s not like “getting away with” breaking the garage door. I would never be forgiven if this creature were maimed for life.

Michael came in. I mentioned that Killer had chewed everything in sight. I said that it started with the newspapers, but stopped at the little, rubber pen part.

Did you know that little part could kill the dog?” Michael yelled to our kids. (There he went, exaggerating again).

I have learned so much. I did not mention the Ant Bait trap. I went back to work, and Michael and our son went for a stroll with Killer.

I am sharing a picture below. Notice how clever I was; I managed to catch that half moon hole I made backing out of the garage with my trunk open!


Even more random thoughts:

A few days ago, Killer saw a vet. He did not have a microchip and we were able to officially adopt him. Killer was 3 ½ pounds, and approximately four months old. He was not a Teacup Chihuahua and would definitely grow bigger. He was still too young to be neutered. The big news was that it would cost $200. Sigh.

I found out the real story about how Michael and our son found Killer. It’s too good to be true; I couldn’t have written a better story. This was definitely a “Touched by an Angel” episode. If it were still being filmed, I could send them a script.

Here was a Killer of a story:

Michael was driving and one block away from our home, when a little dog was running in the street. Michael stopped the car and our son jumped out to chase the dog. The dog ran to a house where a frantic owner was waiting. He said the dog had been abandoned and he asked Michael if he wanted to adopt him.

After hearing that story, I realized that I needed to be more careful about Killer running out our front door.

Killer has become a therapy dog for our broken family.

After lunch, I took a nap with Michael. When I woke up, I decided to go downstairs. I noticed Killer was lying on top of Michael, who was still asleep. Killer had his head snuggled into Michael’s armpit.

My husband had someone to give him attention, finally. It was a very, good thing.

I decided to go play my guitar and let Michael hear my youngest son and I singing together in harmony. For the first time, my harmony did not throw my son off. It was such a perfectly, beautiful moment.

It was also the first time in a very, very long time that I have played my guitar again for Michael.

It felt as if I were finally in a healing phase of my life. Finally.

Killer says, “I can’t pee on demand. I’d rather pee in the house!”

“Just another manic Monday!” 

I knew that title had been taken for a song, and I could hear it running through my head all morning!

Getting my children off to school was extremely hectic. After my last child left for school, I drove to see my mom at her nursing facility. I ran in breathless, and she was eating breakfast. My mom was so happy to see me! There is nothing better than a mother’s love – I am perfect in her eyes.

She reminded me to be sure to add something about her when I write about Jason. She wanted me to share how she dropped out of her last semester in college in order to help me with Jason. She was so close to graduating. I was glad she reminded me; I had completely forgotten about that.

I stopped to see her dietician, because my father told me her food has still been “chopped.” I fixed that mistake.

I went to watch her physical therapy. The therapist reminded me to find out about a second opinion regarding shoulder surgery to remove the screws. She told me that my mom’s shoulder was “frozen,” and she would probably have more mobility with that surgery.

Another problem came up to add to my list. I must call the nursing supervisor to complain. My mom told me she was using her diaper because the nurses were too busy to take her to the bathroom. Everyone loves my mom because she smiles and doesn’t complain.

I said goodbye to my mom, and called my dad on the way home. I was feeling very competent.

Suddenly, I was irritated because the dog began wailing and whistling. I was obviously not good enough. This was a morning that I did not need this.

I made another phone call to refill three medications. Will that damn dog shut up!

The doorbell rang; it was UPS! It was a package for Michael, which of course meant more charges on the credit card. I opened the door to get the package, and out went “Killer.”

He chased the UPS guy and almost jumped into his truck. This was another OMG moment for me. I wasn’t sure how the hell to catch that little rat! I must have looked incompetent (how quickly we go downhill), because that creature was running in circles while I bent over trying to catch him. Finally, he jumped into my arms and I carried him into the house while he licked my face. I guess he finally warmed up to me.

I felt like I had a baby again. He finally napped, so now I could actually concentrate. I did paperwork and damage control all morning.

I spoke to the nursing supervisor where my mom was. She agreed to make sure that no nurse would ever be too busy to take my mom to the bathroom.

Still have to:

2. Call the roofer.

3. Balance two checking accounts

4. Enroll my daughter for the SAT and ACT

5. Remember to pick up medications for members of my family

6. Be sure not to step on the dog

7. Email Mike’s doctor

9. Let Mike show me where he put those emergency keys. I wasn’t listening.

One of my children just told me that he’s really hungry, but rather than fix himself food, he decided to “wait for me.” I am fine with making lunch for him today.

These are precious times!

Celebrating my mother’s birthday five years ago.

My mom smiling despite her circumstances

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