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There was a lot of listening to do. She shared her anguish with a voice that did not reveal the true depth of her pain. The hospital insisted that her dying husband be released to her care tomorrow. She was not prepared. The hospital felt there was nothing more to do and she was responsible to set up hospice care; she needed to handle all those arrangements. She needed a hospital bed; she needed nurses. It was overwhelming. It was hard for her to deal with; she wanted him to stay in the hospital a little longer. Continue reading

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What does reaching out really mean?
To me, it means that sometimes it involves doing something we might find uncomfortable.
Often, there is an excuse of not wanting to reach out because we might impose on someone.
Sometimes, it is difficult to do something because we’re afraid it might cause the other person to be sad.
Often the truth is that we don’t want to see their sadness!
It’s far easier to ignore it! When the sadness is hidden, we can assume it’s “going away.” That is simply not true. For many people, the sadness is so much easier to tolerate when it is shared.
However, my lesson is that even though every person is different – it is well worth the risk to reach out. Continue reading

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