My mom was exhausted from sitting in her wheelchair all morning. She needed the bathroom, but had to use her diaper since it was far too difficult to take her to the bathroom in the medical building.

I had just shared some fantastic news with my mom’s caregiver, Miriam. Her eyes were dancing with joy as she squeezed my hand.

I thought it might be best to let my mom sleep while waiting for the transport team to take her from the medical office back to her nursing facility. It had been a long morning for her, as she waited well over an hour to see the doctor who would deliver a “second opinion.” My expectations of anything uplifting from this appointment were very low. We were seeing a surgeon, so I simply assumed I’d get another recommendation that my mother needed surgery.

I kissed my mom goodbye, and exited the building into the sunshine. As I walked to my car, I had a sensation of my feet leaving the ground; I felt like I could fly! When I was a young girl, I used to feel like I could fly in my dreams. I listened to my music and my heart felt as if it might burst.

I noticed there was a Subway near my car, so I stopped and purchased some chicken soup. I went back to where my mom was and gave the soup to Miriam. My mom might be too tired to make it to the lunchroom when she’d return.

As I drove home I savored the feeling. Life was good – so very good at that moment!

My mom is showing me off to her sister in this still.

When I performed my new song, You Were There, on 1/24/11 my voice broke when I sang the words, “I picked you up when you fell down.”


1. Without surgery she would be in extreme pain.

2. Her mortality rate was extremely high; She was already on the schedule to have surgery the morning before New Year’s Eve; the doctor told me he would not be available again for three days. Without surgery, there was a chance she’d die over the weekend. She became a candidate for hospice.

3. My mother would never be allowed any kind of physical therapy involving walking.

4. My mother would never walk again.

5. Only one patient had refused to have surgery with this surgeon in seven years, that patient soon died.

6. Without surgery, my mother would not have a quality of life – she would be immobile.

7. The fact that my mom was on a respirator for seven weeks following surgery a year ago did not put her at risk for hip surgery.

Email message sent out today:

I just got back from an appt. with my mom regarding her hip fracture. This was a second opinion with an orthopedic surgeon.

This doctor said that the ball of her hip, although fractured is somewhat “impacted.” In five years of seeing hundreds of patients, he’s only had three patients with this condition who opted not to have surgery. He said that with a fracture like this, 2/3 of the time it can actually heal without surgery.

Since my mom was not in extreme pain and could lift her leg up while sitting in her wheelchair, he felt she was well on her way to healing. He said it takes about six weeks; then she could begin therapy. She will be allowed to walk!

This doctor wondered why she was put on hospice, since she looked good to him. He ordered another x-ray to be done in three weeks, and at my suggestion will not have my mom transported to him unless something has changed. She was exhausted from the appointment.

Although my mom’s dementia has been more increased lately, she was quite aware of the impact of this appt. She said she’d be a “good girl” and not do anything risky for the next few weeks. She’s excited about having therapy.

I am elated.


This is how I truly feel.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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