Yesterday, I posted a video of my performance of the instrumental song, “Farewell” on YouTube.

I was on a cloud all day, because by sharing my video I was also touching base with many people who didn’t know about my transformation due to my musical journey.

I want to share another amazing coincidence in my life – once again. I received the following message below from a woman I play tennis with.

Dear Judy,

Nice! Did you know my father was a famous lyric writer? Check out his catalog; Buddy Kaye. If you are interested, he wrote a book named “Method Songwriting” when he taught at UCLA Extension. It’s a step-by-step for lyric writing. Let me know if you are interested and I would be happy to give you a copy (its out of print).


Dear Barbara,

Okay, this is fascinating!

I attended one of his lyric workshops while in college! Of course it makes sense; you have the same last name!

He influenced me tremendously in writing my songs – you know I’ve written over 30 of them. I can easily picture him, still. Wow – and he was your dad! I remember he had a hit song – something with the word Valentine in it.

I’d love to see his book – although I still have those notes I copied.

I’m really glad I shared with you, Barbara.

Barbara gave me this book – her father was a great songwriter, for sure!

A picture of Buddy Kaye taken from the back of his book. He was my inspiration.

A picture of Buddy Kaye taken from the back of his book. He was my inspiration.

So later on that day, I went into my songwriting folder. On one side, all those notes I hadn’t read in years were paper clipped. A big grin came to my face as I read them.

Now I knew why I believed in “perfect rhymes,” in imagery, and in telling a story. It was from that informative workshop I had attended with her father. I wondered if he was still alive, and she told me he had passed away in 2002. My friend, Barbara, is going to mail me her father’s book.

It was so very fascinating for me and I decided I would share all of my handwritten notes on this blog.

An honest card from Joni when i got married.

An honest card from Joni when i got married.

Below are excerpts from an email I received the other day from my childhood friend, Joni. She came to watch me perform at Kulak’s on Monday. I played my song, “Her Song Unsung” that night. I had trouble remembering all the new lyrics, because I had written four, new verses to this song. I performed the last verse twice, because I forgot the last line!

Having friends are wonderful for building confidence. Joni didn’t notice my “flub.”

Before posting my new video, I had eight other videos on the Internet. Yesterday, I deleted seven of them because I was not pleased with my singing voice on those videos.

So, Joni liked my singing voice! My voice has changed with singing lower and I am not quite used to it yet. For certain, I felt a lot more confident to share my instrumental performance of Farewell. I actually smiled in a few places, instead of grimacing, which musicians can do inadvertently when concentrating!

Message from Joni:

Wow! Jude I loved that somewhat new song you composed. It said so much and thrilled me to see you so in touch with your calling. Your words were very expressive and I love the way you compose.You’re truly gifted; I love the lyrics “crystal oceans reflecting…in your eyes, pink clouds…” I don’t know; how do you come up with all these amazing visuals?

Thanks for the amazing music. I love it. It is all I ever wanted…to be lulled, rocked and caressed by your soothing voice and the amazing musical arrangement that you have recorded. It is the best.

Love always, Joni

I still remember standing up to give some song titles. Buddy said my title “OCEAN SPRAY” reminded him of cranberry juice!

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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