Those ice cream bars are my illustrations!

Those ice cream bars are my illustrations!

Over the past week I began working on a new illustration assignment. All of my musical passion has been pushed slightly to one side because I’m illustrating two new flavors of ice cream bars for Tillamook. While shopping for reference, I became excited when I spotted two of my illustrations printed for the first time in a supermarket’s freezer. I snapped a quick shot.

Creating layouts from my digital photos is fun. Thankfully, my eyes are able to see my computer screen quite well. Once I send the client layout choices, I wait for feedback.

I probably shouldn’t share my newest layouts, but below are examples from flavors that are published. It is apparent that I always give my client a lot of choices. I often create dozens of layouts before the final design is approved.

After that, I turn it into an illustration using paint and pencils combined with my digital process. While creating the layouts below, I learned a lot about the many shapes of caramel.

Tillabar Salted Caramel Layout

This is an example of a final illustration once layouts were approved.

This is an example of one of my final illustrations once layouts were approved.

It is very difficult for me to change gears, from music to art.

One thing I plan to continue doing musically while illustrating is singing. Keeping up my vocal ability is very important to me.

Over the past few weeks, I tried to get a lot of music done before my job started. I still have three song vocals to edit, plus two new song arrangements in development. I will find time to practice my guitar because I plan to record guitar into three recent arrangements soon.

And because I love writing, I have at least six stories in progress. Blogging is something I consider lowest on my “creative totem pole.” But when the writing bug grabs me, I cannot stop myself.

I am amazed I have so much energy despite my constant eye discomfort. The distraction that my passion gives me is incredible.

There is definitely an art to making white chocolate curls.

There is definitely an art to making white chocolate curls.

Illustrating fruit and chocolate

All morning, I spent my time preparing fruit and chocolate that I would photograph as reference for the two new flavors of Tillabars I was illustrating. What a difference from the days when I used a lot of equipment and ran to one-hour photo only to get back a bunch of dark prints!

My kitchen was a mess. My children were anxious to know when I was finished with the chocolate so they could feast on the crumbs. It didn’t bother them to eat the half melted ice cream bars either, where mom had taken out a bite. They simply cut off the part I had bitten into.

Yes, I had to bite those bars. And they were delicious!! Below is a link to more about my illustrations for Tillamook:


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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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