Pine Cone on sparkling lawn

This was the last picture I took before leaving Yosemite. I used a filter on it. The lawn was sparkling with ice crystals that crunched beneath my shoes.

Sent: Sun, Oct 20, 2013

Subject: Re: a favor


Dear Judy,


You have been so kind. I do not want to impose on our friendship, but I am here to ask a rather big favor. For a few months, I have worked with editors to turn some pages of my blog into a book. My sole intention is to put something on the market for others who are going through this journey. 


Out of respect for your talent and ability, I have given your name to the editors. They will be contacting you soon to inquire if you would be available to write a review. 


If this is an imposition, then please forgive me; it was not my intent. I remain your friend and grateful for your friendship regardless of your writing this review.


Thank you for considering my request and know that I look forward to hearing from you.


Sending love and big warm hugs,



Oh, Sandra – I am crying with joy for such an honor! How could you possibly think of this as an imposition? I will write you the most glowing review and every word will be honest and true.


Sandra, you are my hero. Your inspiration will continue to live on with your words. I will do whatever I can to ensure that – everything you have to say is gold as far as I’m concerned.


Love, Judy


Dear Judy,


You are so sweet!  It means a lot to me that you would do this. I have such respect for your talent and hope you know that.


Love and warm hugs,



I do this not as some “talented person” but as another human who really admires your courage and beauty. I’m also very honest and passionate, so that will make for a good review!


Love, Judy



Below is a link to read more and/or to buy Sandra’s book:



Sent: Wed, Oct 30, 2013

Subject: Here it is!


Hi Sandra,


I hope my review fulfills your vision and that your beautiful book becomes a best seller. I am so honored that you asked me. I will gladly add or change anything if you want me to.


Love, Judy


Rose Red Left

“The Dr. Says” is a must-read for any person seeking to add meaning to life. Sandra Callahan writes with heart-breaking honesty as she faces the end of her life. Her coping skills and magnificent attitude is the heart of this inspirational odyssey that began as her blog in 2011. Despite suffering with heart failure, Sandra’s bravery is remarkable.


As Sandra writes about her trials, it is also clear that her journey is a beautiful love story. She shares her deep love for her husband, Chris, as they both despair with the knowledge that her death is imminent. But the ache of impending separation is tempered by treasuring every moment. This book touched me deeply and taught me to appreciate every moment of my life.


Reviewed by Judy J. Unger

(A dedicated artist, grief counselor, passionate musician and inspirational writer/blogger)

Rosebud right


Hi Judy,


Your review was so kind and I appreciate all you said.


One of the best things about my blog has been making friends like you. For a while, I thought my days of making friends and feeling connected to others was over. You and a few others have opened your heart to me and let me feel relevant again.


Thank you for the review. But even more, thank you for being a real friend.


With affection,



Dear Sandra,


I didn’t reply quickly because I felt a loss of words. I am so proud and honored to be a real friend. More than anything, I want to meet you. I checked to see if there were openings at the Wawona Lodge and there are. I am going to plan to be there because it will be a wonderful respite for me and beautiful opportunity to hug you.


Feel my hug always. You will live on for me in my songs. I especially feel you in “Never Gone Away.” I want to see your smile so that it will be frozen in my mind and embedded in my heart.


Love, Judy 

This was the room where I serenaded Sandra and her wonderful husband, Chris.

This was the room where I serenaded Joni, Sandra and her wonderful husband, Chris.

Below was an entry Sandra posted on Facebook (clicking on it makes it larger). We have two other blogger friends who are very dear to us: Tersia Burger and Julie Goyder. Someday, I hope to meet them also. But I will have to travel to South Africa and Australia to do that!

Facebook 1 Facebook 2

To be continued. . .

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