Copyright 2010 by Judy Unger


Here I am writing to you,

When I know you’ve heard these words before

But now there’s so much more,

And it’s mostly left unsaid

And here I am singing to you,

When I know that you’ve heard every song

But this one is lifelong; the music is forever


And I know if I search my whole life through

I’ll never find another you

I could search and search my memories, too

And I’ll never find, I’ll never find another you


Here I am dreaming of you

Wishing I could tell you so many things

But then the memory brings a smile

And you are with me now

Here I am shining to you

And I can’t believe what’s happened to me

My happiness is there to see

and what you would have wanted


And I know if I search my whole life through

I’ll never find another you

I could search and search my memories, too

And I’ll never find, I’ll never find another you

I’ll never find another you

Even if I search my whole life through

I’ll never find another you

Even if I search my whole life through


ANOTHER YOU-1/18/16 Copyright 2015 by Judy Unger

 ANOTHER YOU #2 INSTRUMENTAL Copyright 2010 by Judy Unger

Link to part one of this story: I’LL NEVER FIND ANOTHER YOU


I dedicate this post to Cheryl. I am including many old pictures.


I wrote my song “Another You” for my friend Cheryl thirty-three years ago. It was one of my very first song arrangements with George when I started recording my songs in 2010.


It must have been no coincidence that on the third anniversary of Cheryl’s death, I was working with George to create a new arrangement of this song.


I spoke with Cheryl’s mother, Blanch, while driving to Glendale where I work with George. It was a difficult phone call. I let her know I was thinking of her on this sad “anniversary of the heart.” Blanch reminded me of what I already knew – that every single day was hard, it made no difference about the anniversary. The pain of her grief was endless.


I told her I would share my song when it was finished, and I mentioned how Cheryl continued to touch my life. I often hear Cheryl’s voice, and I feel like she is close to me. Recently, I added another verse to my song, about how Cheryl is with me.


Last week I ran into some technical problems at the recording studio. I’ve been working on my audio book without much of a break for months, and the prospect of seeing it almost finished was tantalizing. The recording issues translated into hours of recordings that were not usable. I was devastated and more than a little discouraged. It felt like my destination of finishing my book was getting farther away.


However, I decided to find serenity with the fact that I am “the vehicle” for all that I am doing. I can redo anything, and practice has always been beneficial for me. Unfortunately, the problems have not yet been solved, and I plan to hang on until they are.


While I was hanging on, I wrote a new song. Every time I write a new song, I continue to heal my soul. My heart feels like a garden that is blooming, and the beauty of my music continues to bless my life.


My music gives me emotional strength. Recording a new arrangement for Another You was an expense I wasn’t sure I could justify. But when I listened to my new arrangement, it caused my heart to soar.


My serenity allows me to push aside the doubts, which had begun creeping inside of me like poison. I drove home from my recording session and I felt relaxed. I was determined not to allow financial pressure to cause me stress.


My journey was about helping other people, and also about healing myself. I did not want it to end.


I came home to a beautiful message from an art director. She wanted to purchase several paintings that I could easily produce. It was sign for me. Letting go of fear, once again produced an amazing result.


I cried tears of happiness. I heard Cheryl’s smiling voice. She was beside me every step of the way.

My journey would continue.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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