My daughter took my picture before I was leaving last night.

The “writer inside” has moved out for a while. The musician bumped the writer out! The artist has long been gone, unless of course there’s some income involved.

Writing as my therapy, has been completely successful. I am certain I will write again, however, my journey’s focus has become one of musical discovery. I am engrossed with rediscovering my musical compositions from the time I was about twenty.

I envision that eventually a time will come when I compose something completely new. I am not there yet.

I have no idea whether my reading audience will shift into a musical audience. Although I love having an audience, my journey is one that follows my heart wherever it may lead me.

This week I began reworking the song, “How We Don’t Care.” I have a post with the song title and lyrics on Post #79. There might be some curiosity as to whom this song is about. Since I’m open I will share. I wrote this song when I was having difficulty during my friendship with Cheryl.

I’ll be looking forward to recording it with George this Saturday. Stay tuned!

The excerpts below are from yesterday’s voice lesson with Peaches. Taking the time to listen to these are only for diehard music aficionados. My lessons might offer an appreciation of the thoughtfulness that goes into every spoken line of a song.




I am waiting for my public performance to surpass the one in the quiet of my own bathroom! The adrenaline and electricity of an audience should translate into amazing energy and intimacy.

However, last night when I performed my voice barely projected. It was strange. Still, I love my song and it was wonderful to share it.

I came to perform in a dress! That is very rare for me. I went shopping earlier in the day and I had my nails done. That might be commonplace for many women, but not for me! I recently started to break myself of my lifelong, nail biting habit and having polish on has worked well.

I also asked a friend to help me put on makeup. My friend told me to be sure to wipe off any “rogue” mascara under my eyes before I went onstage. While she was making me up, she kept wiping under my eyes with a tissue moistened with her saliva. That was squirmy for me; I hope if she reads this she’ll know I still appreciated what she did!

So there I was looking into the bathroom mirror at Kulak’s wiping away anything black under my eyes. It would be my turn to perform in a few minutes. Suddenly, I heard a splash and looked over at the toilet. It was empty and I sighed with relief that my cell phone was still in my hand and hadn’t fallen in.

Then I felt my ear. My earring was missing!

I reached into the toilet bowl and I groped far back – sure enough, there was my earring. I laughed so hard; I probably shot my voice out right then and there!

Text Messages after I performed:

From: Peaches

Nice job, Judy. Very pretty! Peach

Reply from Judy:

I felt like I could hardly sing! Did I look nervous? Thanks, to my favorite vocal coach! Oh, I even did the hum!

From: Peaches

Yes, I heard the ohs at the beginning. They sounded good and you did not look nervous. Big difference visually over last week! Good key also.

Our dog killer attacking the photographer’s feet!

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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