I was sixteen years old when I fell in love with the guitar.

FAREWELL INSTRUMENTAL – Cassette recording 1980



Clicking the blue links above will play audio recordings from a thirty-year-old cassette tape. I no longer remember the fingerings. If I choose to, I could figure them out again.

This morning, I put on the radio after driving carpool. 

The radio announcer said, “Someone today has sold more records than the Beach Boys, Elvis, and the Beatles combined!” Well, that had my curiosity going. The answer was Diane Warren. Awe, Diane! I remember reading about her and her composing place that she called “her cave.” I wanted to learn more about her. I felt inspired to know there was such a successful woman songwriter. It went on my list to learn more about her; I plan to Google her name later.

I found that announcement an interesting coincidence, since I have been hearing my own music running through my head so much more, lately. I’ve noticed that I feel so much more passion as I play my guitar, too. It’s a fabulous feeling. I am going to take that moment, of hearing about such a successful songwriter as a positive sign for me.

Message from Joni the next day:


The song Jud shared with us reminded me more of a poem. Very focused, lots of visual imagery and a basic simple topic that developed into an explosion of feeling and emotion; combined with the production truly was something. Agree? You could do it too. I know your writing; you can do it.

Love, Joni

It was strange today to be “back on earth.” I’ve been listening in my car to my songs, and sometimes I feel that the instrumental ones might be fun to relearn someday. My technical virtuosity was okay, although I have a few mistakes on my cassette recording.

These instrumental songs that I have are different. One, which is entitled “Farewell,” actually did have lyrics that were sung with it. However, I’ve always just liked the guitar melody without any singing.

The other two songs are very dissonant. Their sound reminds me of how I’d feel sitting out and looking at rain or a waterfall coming down.

I’d like to reply to Joni’s lovely message.  I wonder if I could inspire myself to change/rewrite a more contemporary version of any of my songs. Even the thought of something completely, brand-new is hard for me to envision. Of course, I have only been playing again for three weeks. I could easily see myself slip back into not playing again.

The moms in my “Special Mom’s Group,” remember well how I brought my guitar when we first all met at a retreat entitled, “Healing the Mother’s Heart.” My fingers were in agony after playing for hours without any preparation. However, other than infrequent diversions, I could go for years without ever playing.

Reading that message again, it hit me that Jud’s song was heavy on production and certainly relied on a truly fabulous singer. Well, I don’t have that! Do I want to seek that? I’m not sure at all.

The greatest thing that I am learning is what I am capable of.  I can feel passion for things that are joyful again, and I know in my heart that I could write a contemporary song if I chose to. I also can paint if I choose to, because recently I had a project that required me to pick up a paintbrush again after two years. I do love the computer, though!

At the same time, as I am rediscovering what I love to do, I am also writing about past events that were so difficult I can hardly believe I survived them.

Joni and I – we both loved the outdoors, but I was more adventurous.

Joni and I at the snow – We went on the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway many times.

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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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