Composing “Waterfall Dreams” was very enjoyable. For two months, I added sections and enjoyed the major and minor contrasts.

I recorded the guitar parts for my song during a period of one week. The final track of 34 minutes was created after I edited over six hours of recordings. Those recordings were hard work!

There are three sections to this composition. The first is major, the second is minor and the third dissonant section contains chords that I composed when I was 19-years-old.

That instrumental from 1980 was named “Waterfalls” and the beginning chords inspired my later acoustic song named “Take Me Away.” More about that song is at this link: TAKE ME AWAY

I think it’s very cool that I can share a cassette recording of my instrumental “Waterfalls” that was recorded in1980. For my meditation version, I slowed it down considerably!

When I began playing my guitar again in 2010, I worked hard relearning my old instrumental. I did a rough recording back in 2011 and can share it here for fun:

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Below are performances of my song: