On this page, I share my most recent song recordings. It gives me pleasure to share my progress and joy with you. I would love any feedback and please leave me a message if you have any.

May 30, 2019

I’ve continued to record acoustic songs, but my biggest thrill is creating new guitar meditations. I’m currently composing a new one that will join an older instrumental of mine named “Waterfalls.” My song “Take Me Away” also incorporates some of the same chords.

Recently I posted a video performance of “Waterfalls” in progress. Since that performance, my instrumental has been expanded and is almost ready to record!

This leads me to another older instrumental named “Farewell.” I’ve completed a new meditation song for Insight Timer. I decided not to include the name “Heart Song” to the title. My new release is named “Farewell Love Song – Guitar Instrumental. The entire track is about 19 minutes long and piano joins in on the second half. The piano additions are so lovely – they make me cry.

My song is available on iTunes and Bandcamp and can be previewed at the link below:

Farewell Love Song Guitar Instrumental

Last week I released my first track on Insight Timer that is solely guitar. It is named “Take Me Away Guitar Medley.” It is also available on Bandcamp.

Take Me Away Guitar Medley

Below are my most recent acoustic recordings.

I’VE ALWAYS CARED (Vocal & Guitar Mix)

JUST A TUNE (Vocal & Guitar Mix)

TAKE ME AWAY – (Vocal & Guitar/Piano Mix)

Grief Healing Piano Med 2

This image is courtesy of my friend, Joni. It is the cover for my “Grief Healing Piano Meditation” on Insight Timer.

April 6th, 2019

I am still passionately working on music and writing. My Insight Timer course “Grief Healing Through Music” is scheduled to go live on April 8th. I’m already writing a second course!

For my Insight Timer Course, I discuss ten songs. I have two medleys of those 10 songs for my course. The one with guitar and piano (Grief Healing Guitar and Piano Medley) has the highest rating out of all 24 of my tracks on Insight Timer. I recently released the solo piano clips and that track is named “Grief Healing Piano Medley.”

I am hoping to have guitar recordings (with vocals) for all of my approximately 50 songs. I only have 7 left to record! Over the past month, I recorded two songs: “It Might Have Been” and “Retreat.” I finished the vocals for both last week. It will be a few months before piano is added, as I have many other songs in line ahead of these two. Below are guitar mixes, guitar and piano, solo piano, and/or  acoustic vocal mixes.

My newest piano arranger is named Devin and he has done some lovely additions to a few of my songs already. His solo piano versions of Memory of Love and “How We Don’t Care” are very special. His piano addition to “My Dream” has me dancing!








Healing Journey Guitar & Piano Songs

Judy Outdoors 10-23-18

Judy near the tree

Judy on the peaceful bench