Guitar in Malibu 6

On this page, I provide links to download/listen to my most recent song recordings. Eventually, I these songs will be part of a new album compilation. Until then, it’s important for me to mention that these are not final mixes. I plan to update the recordings on this page weekly.

I love sharing my progress and joy with you. I would love feedback and please leave me a message if you have any.

I have grouped together songs that are instrumental and ones with vocals.


Misunderstood Guitar & Piano

Somewhere I Can’t See Guitar and Piano 7-4-18

Music Saved Me Guitar & Piano 6-19-18

Never Gone Away Guitar & Piano 6-8-18

Another You Guitar & Piano 5-27-18

Clear Guitar & Piano 5-15-18

So Real Guitar & Piano 4-26-18

Crystal Oceans Guitar & Piano 4-22-18

Guitar in Malibu 4


Misunderstood Acoustic 7-20-18

Somewhere I Can’t See Acoustic 7-4-18

The Unknown Acoustic 6-21-18

Music Saved Me Acoustic 6-19-18

Another You Acoustic 6-17-18

Never Gone Away Acoustic 6-18-18

Clear Acoustic 6-8-18

So Real Acoustic 6-4-18

Guitar in the Forest 6