On this page, I share my most recent song recordings. It gives me pleasure to share my progress and joy with you. I would love any feedback and please leave me a message if you have any.

Guitar & Boot 1

Sept 5, 2019

Since breaking my ankle on July 1st, I have been housebound. I’ve had lots of time to work on music, but unfortunately I didn’t feel completely inspired.  After two months, I did start back to performing again at Kulak’s Woodshed. My first visit back was extremely emotional. I played “Hang On” and while introducing my second song “My Shining Star,” I choked back tears.

Shortly before my accident, I was recorded two guitars for one of my acoustic songs “Autumn Recollections & Alone.” The first track is the guitar mix and the second one is the vocal mix I finished last week.

Last week, I pulled out my guitar microphones for the first time in two months. I have three new acoustic songs that I am working on. I’ll share my progress on them soon.

One of the songs is “Wonder Why.” I’m creating a new acoustic version. I performed this song last week and very much enjoyed playing the new guitar parts I’ve created for it.

I’m working on a second course for Insight Timer, but I haven’t decided yet what to name it. The songs for it are set, and I already have a piano guitar medley that is finished. I’ve begun a new medley of guitar and piano songs. I will share some of these new tracks here.

Judy Outdoors 10-23-18

Judy near the tree

Judy on the peaceful bench