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On this page, I share my most recent song recordings. It’s important for me to mention that these are not final mixes. I love sharing my progress and joy with you. I would love feedback and please leave me a message if you have any.

Healing Journey Guitar & Piano Songs

February 2, 2019

I haven’t posted on my blog for awhile, but I am still passionately working on music and writing. My Insight Timer course on grief healing through music is set to be released sometime in March. I’m already writing a second course!

I am hoping to have guitar recordings (with vocals) for all of my approximately 50 songs. I only have 9 left! Last week I recorded a lovely version of guitars for my song “Music From My Heart.” I sang vocals for it and am still working on that edit.

My other new songs are “Through My Music” and “My Dream.” I have a lot of songs to add piano to once my newest arranger, Bobby is available.

For my Insight Timer Course, I discussed ten songs and created a new medley of those tracks. I released it last week and it is named “Healing Journey.”

My next release is going to include those ten songs as simple piano versions. I share some piano song clips below:

Through My Music was very poignant for me to work on. This song evokes memories from when I composed it as a young girl of 15. The first track has 2 guitars and the second one has my vocal.

Nothing inspires me more than working on “My Dream.” Every word of my song motivates me. Singing the vocal was definitely joyful for me! Once again, I share two tracks – the first one is 2 guitars and the second one has my vocal.

Lastly, I share the joyful guitar for my song “Music From My Heart.” I will share the vocal version soon. Thank you for coming to this page to check out my recent music!


Judy near the tree

Judy on the peaceful bench