Peaceful Arrangement Medley

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This medley of lush song arrangements convey peacefulness. The individual arrangements can be played below. Clicking the song image is a link to page with lyrics, performances, recordings and stories.

PEACEFUL AND INSPIRED was composed after I took an inspiring trip to the Pacific Northwest in 2014. The vocal version has lyrics filled with beautiful descriptions of the scenery that moved me.

IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN was partially written when I was 20 years old. I revised and finished my song in 2011. This poignant song is about how I felt when I fell in love as a young girl.

TAKE ME AWAY was based on a dissonant guitar instrumental named “Waterfalls” composed when I was 21. In 2012, I added lyrics and a chorus. Although I wanted to be “taken away” somewhere peaceful, my lyrics express grief and longing for a time in the past before everything changed.

ANGEL IN THE SKY conveys my longing for my deceased son, Jason. As I composed it, I was filled with heavenly awe. The beautiful chords overwhelmed me with love and gratitude. I do hope my song allows others to create their own personal imagery as they remember their angels.

LAUGHTER AND TEARS evokes poignant memories of the beginning and end of a relationship. The chords were composed when I was 19, but the revised lyrics were written shortly after my divorce. I won’t forget all those years – filled with laughter and tears.

MEMORY OF LOVE helped me deal with grief during the time when my mother was still alive. My song embraces memories of my mother’s love. In the present, I strive to create beautiful memories that those I love can hold onto when I am gone, because love is a circle.

MISUNDERSTOOD was composed after an explosive conflict with a loved one. I carried deep regret over words I wish hadn’t said. The chords are reminiscent to me of a Beatles song.

RAINBOW THROUGH MY TEARS feels like it was written for a musical. It celebrates my healing from deep grief. Color appeared when I healed, instead of seeing the world in black and white. This metaphorical “rainbow” came about after years of tear suppression and hopelessness.