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The piano version of Beside Me Always brings me to tears. I hope the haunting melody conveys the love I feel for my son who has been gone now for many years. He lives on in my music.

It isn’t completely true for me to say that I didn’t play my guitar for thirty years. Jason absolutely loved when I would play for him. After he died, I didn’t think I’d ever sing again.

But once in a while when I was alone, I’d try to see if I could still remember how to play “Beside Me Always.” As I fingered the painful chords, I found myself crying because I read the lyrics at Jason’s funeral.

In 2010, I began to play my guitar again and dedicated myself to relearning Beside Me Always. The chorus for created a powerful image for me. I pictured myself standing near Jason’s grave on a grassy hill. I was crying and the breeze comforted me while my tears were flowing.

But there was actually something very profound about the last chorus. With the words, “I hear you tell me,” the conversation was switched. I wasn’t speaking to Jason. Instead, I was being spoken to and reassured. From the distant sky came my understanding that God and Jason did not want me to be sad.