Angel in the Sky – All Medleys

I have several tracks on Insight Timer with the theme of Angel in the Sky.

My newest is “Angel in the Sky Meditation Song.” That project took me two months and was truly a labor of love. It is my newest meditation song!

I released “Angel in the Sky Complete Medley” two years ago but removed it because my vocal at the end was not well received. I do like to share the lyrics and meaning behind my songs so I decided to re-release it again. It consists of an older arrangement, an instrumental and my acoustic vocal at the end.

My Angel in the Sky arrangement medley is comprised of eight song arrangements (no vocals) that relate to my healing from grief.

Much of my music on Insight Timer was created while working with my first arranger. After that ended in 2015, I did not arrange music for a year. Then in 2017, I began working with someone new. This time, my song arrangements prominently include my guitar playing and have multiple guitar tracks. I’ve also updated some of my older arrangements to include more of my guitar playing. I want to share these arrangements, although I realize they are not as meditative as my Set You Free meditation songs.

ANGEL IN THE SKY ARRANGEMENT MEDLEY SONGS: Angel in the Sky, With Me, Take Me Away, Wonder Why, In Every Smile, It’s Not Forever, Every Season, In The Past

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