From the time I began my blog, I have found the process of writing to be very mysterious. I do miss writing simply for fun. I look forward to a time in my life when I can do that again. I envision it as part of my future.

I remember writing about my daily experiences in such a giddy and excited fashion; I couldn’t wait to share any funny observation I came across. I also woke up to write in the middle of the night, when I felt that what I had to write couldn’t wait until morning. I often hear a voice in my mind speaking words to me. With music and song lyrics, I find the process even more amazing.

Just for fun, I am sharing a few quaint paragraphs of old song lyrics I wrote when I was 19 years old.


I have indulged my passions now for over a year. To see the culmination of all of my efforts getting closer, has become very exciting for me. I have been spending long hours at my computer and any diversion from working on my book can cause me anxiety.


I want to share that I am enjoying my fantastic journey despite the challenges I continue to face in my life. My mother’s slide into dementia has worsened and my father’s situation of living with painful urinary tract issues continues. The procedure he had two weeks ago to eliminate the need for a urinary catheter was not successful.


Both my parents enjoy my visits and I have become especially close with my father. After a lot of cajoling, he agreed to listen to some of my audio book and music. He could not figure out how to use a CD player. I decided to give him an old IPod I had with a defective screen (I dropped it into a glass of iced tea last year). I printed out a picture with instructions on how it worked, but didn’t expect that my father would be able to figure it out.


I crack up when I picture him listening to my audio book with headphones on while eating dinner at his nursing facility. He told me he didn’t want to stop listening when his food showed up!


My father was very emotional and cried when he told me how much he enjoyed listening to that IPod. But it was when he complimented me that I melted. He cannot imagine how much it meant to me.


He said, “You are an exceptional lyric writer.”

Judy & Lee high school grad

A picture of me with my father when I graduated high school.

After I spent countless hours working on vocal lines in Garage Band that I ended up discarding, I decided it was time for me to take a break. I needed to get outdoors. I contacted my friend, Carol, whom I have enjoyed hiking with on two other occasions over this past year. It turns out that it has been a little over one year since we reconnected after not seeing each other for over thirty years. Our wonderful outing yesterday was such a beautiful way to celebrate that one-year anniversary.

Carol picked a lovely place for us to trek through in Monrovia. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. We hiked almost 3.7 miles total (every miles counts!) to a waterfall and had a wonderful picnic afterwards. I took a few photos to capture the mood of our day.

I was surrounded by shimmering emerald leaves, exquisite spider webs that looked like parachutes and tree branches that cast delicate woven shadows. I especially enjoyed the feeling of crunching leaves that turned into powder under my feet as I walked.


In honor of my exhilaration of being outdoors, I am sharing an acoustic recording of a John Denver song that expresses many of my emotions. I also want to share some pictures of my passion for playing my guitar outdoors (though I left it home, yesterday).


Life continues to be beautiful for me.

Clicking on the blue link will play my recording

THIS OLD GUITAR – J. Denver – performed by Judy

In this photo, my friends (Cheryl and Linda) are sleeping while I serenade them. I am probably 20 years old.

Wow is this picture dated! I usually get headaches wearing headbands, so I’m surprised that I’m wearing one.

As I drove to my friend, Carol’s house for our hike – I called her from my car to let her know I was on my way. By mistake, I called my editor who is also named Carol. It was very funny, and makes sense after reading our humorous exchange from earlier in the week, which I am sharing below:


On Oct 29, 2011, Judy wrote:

Hi Carol,

Hope you’re well!


I have been so, so busy – getting closer to finishing the audio book. I have recorded most of the stories and have those almost ready! Recording with a professional setup has made the sound a lot better and consistent. I am also improving with speaking and telling my stories.


I want to share my newest song that truly will make a great ending for my book. I meant to fade the ending, but ended up leaving it “hanging.” It was one of those happy accidents!


Now I believe my conclusion is worthy of my book. It was a revelation for me that I could incorporate performing this song as part of my ending to balance out the way I wrote my introduction. I’ll look forward to your thoughts.



Hi Judy,

I’ll let you know what I think … but I’m sure it’s great. You’ve worked hard and you should be very proud of yourself. And don’t forget to take a break now and then. Otherwise you’ll grow to hate the project, no matter how wonderful it is. Don’t forget to live your life…


Hi Carol

I appreciate your thoughtful advice. I am planning to go on a hike next week as a break. I love what I’m doing and will never allow myself to reach a place of hating this project. Because it is my life, that would be sad indeed!



Hi Judy,

That sounds good. I just want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself. There come times when a project “takes you over” and you’re a slave to it, and that’s bad. A break is good. So is chocolate, looking at changing leaves in the park, just taking a walk or just sitting and being quiet with a glass of wine, of course. Have fun!



Hi Carol,

I’m looking forward to my hike next week – I need some fresh air and I agree with you! I can see that I won’t do as well over the long haul if I work too hard. It’s just difficult because family issues and things that are necessary for me to take care of often divert me. I do not have the luxury of working on my book full-time. But I am so fortunate I am able to do as much as I have!


Thanks for your sweet words, Carol.



Taking a break is a good idea. Dealing with family problems is NOT taking a break!


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I'm an illustrator by profession. At this juncture in my life, I am pursuing my dream of writing and composing music. Every day of my life is precious!
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